Today it's all about embracing your body. Showing the world your curves, scars, your so-called "imperfections" and being proud of what you've got. Honestly, it's freaking amazing. So, why is it that even with all of this body positivity going on, in normal non-celeb life, showing your nipples is still considered slutty?

Right now I am scrolling through my insta feed, and if you're like me, you are following women in fashion who are setting trends for everyday life. Well excluding the whole drippings in diamonds and jumping on jets every other day, but the typical things, clothes, hair, makeup, even different foods to try out. So when women like Bella Hadid post a picture from one of her shoots or red carpet events where she is wearing a sheer dress or something that exposes her body, everyone is quick to comment on how amazing she looks (duh, she's a supermodel) and how it's so empowering to see her taking such a major risk. Don't get me wrong, I am right there with everyone else cheering her on and just cheering on other celebs in general who are dressing the way they want. But what about the everyday girl, are we cheering for her?

When I go out downtown or just out in general, and I see girls, women who are wearing those similar outfits one of two things happen. She is sexualized because she is dressed like she "wants some" or she is judged by those around her and call her outfit slutty. I've unfortunately fallen victim, like I am sure many of you have, to those who I called friends telling me I needed to cover up but then a few minutes later they are fawning over Kim K's latest nude selfie.

I think this mentality comes from the idea that the average woman is just that, average. We idolize those women we see on Instagram or in magazines and think because they are stars they can push the limits and show a bit of skin because that's what we expect them to do. As opposed to a woman like me. No, I am not trying to put myself down here, or anyone else for that matter. I am not saying that I, or we are not special in the eyes of other people, but I am not famous. So when I walk out those doors wearing a sheer top with a cute bralette I am not going to be seen in the same light, I am going to be slut-shamed and it sucks.

Why isn't it empowering to see me, a woman who is comfortable in her body, wear something that makes me feel amazing, even if it means a bit of my nip is showing? What is the difference between me and the girl you see on your feed? Even then, why does it matter to you what one woman is wearing?

The movement to free the nipple, originally was for the de-sexualization of the woman body, though in that event many people saw that as just the liberal side trying to get attention, and eventually for the meaning behind it was obscured by those who sought to eradicate the movement as a whole.

Now, as time has passed and the idea of a woman's nipple has grown into just another part of the human body on social media, but in the average world, we are still struggling with the idea that a breast is just a breast. And that is troubling for those women who are coming into their own bodies. They are growing up in a world where the idea that only certain women are seen as beautiful for showing their bodies while others are shammed.

It's horrifying to think that It's these guidelines and social norms are what cause so many women and young girls to have severe body image issues. No one should feel ashamed of their bodies or feel like they need to change because they do not look a certain way. Every woman is beautiful and should feel confident to show themselves to the world without being judged or slut-shamed.

Even if you're uncomfortable with the idea, remember, we are not asking you to show your bodies, we are asking you to not shame ours.