Women's History Month Playlist

March is recognized as the Women's History Month. A month where women are celebrated and recognized. Female artists are the most unrecognized in their profession and their art is hardly known mainstream. These are some unrecognized music artists whose music you can add to your playlist to celebrate and empower yourself with this month.

1. Noname

She is an upcoming female artiste who specializes in what she calls "mumble rap." She mostly raps about daily struggles of life, childhood memories and political struggles of the minorities. Her two albums, "Telefone" and "Room 21" has received universal acclaim.

2. Chloe x Halle

These Grammy-nominated sisters have been making a lot of moves after dropping their debut album, "The Kids are Alright." They mostly specialize in RnB, where they sing about the joys and struggles of the millennial generation. They also act in "Grownish" as sisters, Jazlyn and Skye.

3. Kali Uchis

She is a Colombian- American singer. She released her album "Isolation" in 2018, which is acclaimed widespread. Her deep Alto voice resonates deep lyrics about relationships and everyday life.

4. Ari Lennox

If you're looking for a sound like Diana Ross meets Rihanna, then this is your girl. Her high-pitched voice reminds one of old-school classics. She does not have a debut album yet that is mainstream, but her song "Shea butter baby" which features J. Cole is featured in the "Creed II" movie and is popular everywhere

5. Solange

Her new album, "When I Get Home" was just released last week yet everyone can testify on how beautiful it is. I love her because she always experiments with new sound and she always succeeds at creating something new. She really isn't scared to start a trend and I love that the most about her.

6. Tierra Whack

YouTube introduced Tierra to me and I've fallen in love with her since. She raps and sings with a very different sound that someone can also find funny. Her debut album is "Whack World" is about 15 minutes long, but it is 15 minutes worth of experience.

7. Janelle Monae

Janelle is famous for being the face for modern-day female empowerment. Her album "Dirty Computer" has many uplifting and empowering songs which makes a woman feel better about herself.

8. Sabrina Claudio

From the first time you listen to her sultry, contemporary voice you become star struck. Her lyrics of love and hope are another addition to what makes her an artiste dear to my heart.

9. Lianne LaHavas

She is one singer whose music works for every activity and every emotion. Her deep strong voice resonates lyrics powerful enough to leave you emotional sometimes. Check out her album "Blood" to hear powerful voice and music first-hand.

10. Ariana Grande

This list would not be complete without the new queen of pop herself. Her songs which used to be formerly innocent-like has now grown into lyrics that leave women - and men too - feeling badass about themselves. Her new album, "thank you, next" includes songs that have been used as anthems lately.

11. Cardi B

Everybody knows Cardi and everybody loves Cardi. She is very open about issues though most times she might not say in the politest manner. She raps about things that make a woman feel special and I think her album "Privacy" is a must listen to celebrate Women's History Month.

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