Women are the foundation of our culture
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Women Are The Soil Of Our Culture

Where women go, men will follow.

Women Are The Soil Of Our Culture
Megan Aaron

I guarantee a majority of you saw this headline and flipped out and clicked on the article just to fuel your fire. So, assuming that's the case, let me assure you that I am not at all saying men can't make their own decisions, lead themselves, or be just as detrimental to our culture. Because men, you are and should be all of those things. But think about the amount of advertising that has a woman slapped to it. Or the commercials where beautiful women walk down a street in heels and get into the nice ritzy car. Okay, my point stands — women are the soil of our culture.

Women not only are slapped on advertising to act as selling points, but women are also the mothers, homemakers, caregivers, and constant of our families and communities. The standard of women becomes the standard of our societies, how we treat and respect others, and how we value things such as relationships and even sound morals.

And it's to no surprise that women today are under an insane attack by the devil himself. Women are being victimized, told their children are obstacles to their success, told their bodies are for pleasure and beauty, and told that in order to get anywhere they have to shout from the rooftops and demand things. Because here's the thing, Satan's smart. He knows if he can get the women, the rest of society follows. Everything break downs and the standard for life, respect, and dignity get clouded.

We see it every day — women now want to be just like men, while also telling men that they don't want men to be men. Read that again if you need to cause it's just as confusing as it sounds. But it's true. Women, while in an effort to be the same as men, step on top of men and tell them they need to be less of a man. And here's the issue: if men are told that they're superfluous and not needed, men will say "okay I'll go home and play video games."

The Creator of man and woman Himself KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING when He made men and women different. He knew the world needed a being who was stronger physically and desires to lead, pursue, and protect. That same Creator ALSO KNEW that the world needed a being who was gentle, caring, loving, and beautifully designed just so that we could get a glimpse of His insane goodness. Why on earth would we try to tamper with that? And why on earth wouldn't we fight to keep order, truth, and goodness?

Instead, we feed into the chaos that is our society today. There's no "man" and "woman" anymore. There are a million different labels and identities and self-proclaimed titles. Families are breaking down more than ever before, children are being killed in the womb, and abused and abandoned outside of the womb. Marriages are splitting rapidly, women are being used as objects and leaving their feminine nature behind. Men are taking longer and longer to "grow up" but can we blame them? We've told them they need to step down and calm down. Why is this even a religious argument at this point? Our world is chaos, mental illness is drastically increasing, the suicide rate is insanely high and we wonder why.

Let's start with our women. Let's build them up, change the way our society views them, and encourage them in their innate nature. I firmly believe if we can get that straight, our whole society and culture will follow.

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