To The Women Entering Their First Year In College, This Journey Is Yours
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To The Women Entering Their First Year In College, This Journey Is Yours

This journey is yours.

To The Women Entering Their First Year In College, This Journey Is Yours

This is your time. The universe had a plan to bring you to this new place to chase your dreams and find what makes you the unique woman you are. College is a whole new world. Here you have the opportunity to meet new people, try new things, learn, and grow into your most authentic self. Entering college can be intimidating as you leave your home, family, friends, and your favorite places. I understand that and I went through it, but I will tell you this. Moving away to college was the best decision I have ever made.

Of course, I was nervous when I arrived but after I settled down in my new college dorm, I began to think. I sat in silence for a moment and realized I had already made the biggest step. I was there. I had already made the most important step, I left home and moved here. Everything else that came next would be a new experience of my journey. Take pride in your move-in day. All the little steps are just as significant as the bigger steps you will take.

Make this the best year of your life. Go in with a positive attitude and the rest will come easier to you.

Meeting new people will not be stressful. There are so many new faces in college and many of them enjoy similar things as you. You will meet people everywhere you go. I mean you are going to be living with these people in your housing halls. You will meet some of them will live right across from you and others you might be in class or even in the dining hall. Remember that everyone is just as nervous as you are so you will already be able to relate to them.

Try seeking out extracurricular activities you enjoy to meet like-minded people. Go out. Go to the events your college will put on for first-year students. Go to the night clubs and dance out all your nerves. This is your chance to meet new people and grow. Here you will find out new things about yourself and the world you are living in. Do not miss out on this experience because you are living in fear. Fear is our worst enemy so kick it to the side and be confident in yourself. You got this. I believe in you.

I know that going into your first year of college as a woman could be filling you with anxiety. I want you to know that there is always someone you can talk to you. You can reach out to your RA or a professor, there are even counseling services on your campus. There are many people in this world who do not treat women with the respect that they deserve. You know your worth and you respect who you are and that is a beautiful thing. Do not let anyone take this from you. Some people will try and there are ways you can try to prevent this.

When you go out, make sure you go with a group and never leave anyone in the group alone. Take an Uber when you go out. Never take a drink from anyone or leave your cup sitting. If you leave your cup sitting, f*** that cup — go get a new one. Do not feel foolish for saying no to someone. This is your body. This is your experience. There are many people on your campus that will be there to help and support you through anything you go through.

Sometime things will get messy. There will be things that work out exactly how you planned and sometimes they won't. You may fall but falling does not matter. What matters is how you get up. It is OK to feel your emotions but at what point you will need to get up and face the day. This is a mortal life do not live it being sad all the time. When things do not work out. Try again. Take another route. You will learn and grow from your ups and downs and that is what matters.

I am here for you. Now be there for your surrounding sisters to love and support them as you take on the most important year of your lives. Live this is life for you. Only you know what you want. You can have all you desire as long as you take the steps to manifest it. Get clear with what you want out of your first year. Write it down. Make a bucket list and cross those boxes out! This is your journey go experience it to the fullest. Thrive, my sister, thrive.

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