I Am A Woman And I Am A Feminist
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I Am A Woman And I Am A Feminist

A proper definition of a feminist.

I Am A Woman And I Am A Feminist

The idea of not being a feminist seems irrational to me, and not just to me, but to many. I sit around and often question, how can you support that, how can you continue that, how can you not be a feminist? As these questions arise I begin to get more answers, I begin to read more and more articles with striking titles based upon not being a feminist. Then it becomes apparent, these people do not understand what it means to be a feminist. It is not just them, it is many, it is too many people who have misunderstood and continue to chose to misunderstand. A definition needs to be created. We need to come to a precise, but broad enough definition that allows people to become their own type of feminist. We search often for the right definitions of words, characteristics, and qualities, but often skip over and misinterpret the important ones. In this case, it seems necessary to discuss a definition that may fit closely to what a real feminist is.

A feminist: one who is advocating for the rights of women. Yes. This is the obvious one. But shit, this does not mean that we hate all men or we believe we stand higher than them. I am a feminist and am proud to say that I believe men and women should get treated equally. I believe that the work force, education, and society needs to grasp this idea. It seems day after day, we are mistreated for we are “incapable”. I am not arguing with the fact that their are physical differences between men and women, and that this may sometimes be in the way of certain tasks. This is not always, this is relevant only in some cases but not in all. With this being said, physical differences should be the only difference between men and women. Women should not be told we are not smart enough, or that we belong in the kitchen to make us fall back to an outdated place.

A feminist: one who believes in equality. This may not seem as obvious, for this point is forgotten. Those who consider themselves feminists are advocates. They are advocates for equality. We believe that human rights are women's rights,human rights are every person’s rights, and these rights need to be sought out and fought for. Those who are feminists are ones advocating for the support of all lives, of all economic differences, of all gender roles and stereotypes. We are advocates.

A feminist: one of many genders, shapes, looks, sizes, and opinions. This characteristics is overall the one that goes most misunderstood. A feminist is not just a female. God bless the men who help aid our voices, God bless the gender fluid, and non gendered humans who support our voices; you provoke the power to create change. So, get it out of all of your ignorant minds that a feminist has to be a female. We believe in breaking down the standards that were set up for the different groups, this is one of them.

The gender border that society has created for feminists is not the only place that the small minded humans brains get sucked into. It is also that we have now created a “look” for feminists. My cover photo will tell you that I am a blue eyed blonde female, not fitting the picture of a feminist quite yet. My cover photo won’t tell you that I shave my legs and armpits, like to paint my nails, wear dresses, and put makeup on. Apology not granted to those who believe that in order to be a feminist I have to rebel against every standard that society has produced for women.

I shave my legs because I like the silky smooth feeling of them, and would appreciate if every gender did so. I paint my nails because it is a de-stresser and I like some color on them. I wear dresses because it expresses my free personality. I put on makeup because sometimes it feels nice to get all dressed up. So for God’s sake, don’t tell me I cannot act femininely because I am a feminist. It is our right, along with everyone, to pick how they want to dress, act, and present themselves to society. If I chose to act differently than so be it. It is not your life, it is mine — one of the beauties of feminism.

We are here to fight for the rights of those who have lost them. We are here to fight for the rights that are forgotten and taken away. A feminist is not a women created of stereotypes, we are humans fighting for the survival and renewal of rights for all.

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