How To Be A Not-So-Subtle Witch In Seattle
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How To Be A Not-So-Subtle Witch In Seattle

You can get away with a lot in a liberal city

How To Be A Not-So-Subtle Witch In Seattle
Maddy McKeever

Not every city you can walk through in a wide-brimmed witches hat and not get harassed. But in Seattle, I managed to get more compliments than complaints when I went around on my birthday in magical attire. Even my roommate at the University of Washington didn't question the altar I created atop my bookshelf. Here are some obvious ways to let your Wicca flag fly in a town where everyone is welcome:

1. Wear your witch garb out

Maddy McKeever

"Witches brew, witches brew, make me feel good as new."

Who says that the modern witch can't drink Starbucks or ride public transport? As long as you can fit that pointy hat through the doors, then you are good to go.

You don't have to be so obvious on the bus as a witch, but I find the hat is an excellent deterrent of unseemly people sitting next to you.

2. Share your grimoire and knowledge

Maddy McKeever

Secretive about your spells? Like a common proverb says, "curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." Knowledge is power. The only way your peers won't think you are just the creepy goth kid is by letting them in and explaining that magic doesn't only mean evil curses.

Who knows, maybe you'll find another witch that was too scared to share until you were open with them.

3. Make even the little things magic

Maddy McKeever

If you don't have the ability to practice magic between work or school, make a moment each day to do something simple. Light a candle, carry a packet of salt in your pocket, or say a little spell when dropping in your bath bomb.

Magic doesn't have to be a big long ritual. Magic is whatever you make of it.

4. Don't be scared to do spells

Maddy McKeever

You shouldn't have to hide who you are for others. If you want to practice magic, then practice. Just like your friends go to church every Sunday, you can cleanse the apartment with sage every once in a while. No harm, no foul.

If something makes you happy, don't let others take it away from you or shame you into silence. Just don't set off any fire alarms.

5. Have your altar out in the open

Maddy McKeever

Why alter your altar for other people? Be loud and proud, and display your passions like movie posters in your room. Even if it's a small partial altar, it's worth making a place for your magic. I've found that on top of bookshelves are ideal places for these.

Have a place for people's eyes to fall when they visit. Nothing is better at getting glances than pretty crystals.

6. Feel free to take your crystals outside

Maddy McKeever

Speaking of crystals, take them outside to charge, or pop one in your pocket on your way to class. No one will care if you carry a rock in your pocket for the day.

I took my crystals outside my apartment during the most recent eclipse to charge and none of my neighbors even noticed.

Even during the most recent annual Women's March on Seattle, I saw signs held up that read, "We are the daughters of the witches you couldn't burn."

College can be hard in itself, but add being a witch to that (and also queer in my case) and the world can seem daunting. Don't let it get you down or make you fit into a specific box. There is nothing more commendable than not being ashamed to be your truest self.

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