We all have old lovers. We all have old friends. We all have enemies. But, why wish them bad?

Whether someone has hurt you, lied to you, or left you, you shouldn't wish them bad in their life. Growing up with the world around us constantly containing hate and pain, what does adding to that do for you? I find that so many people spend their days wishing others bad.

Whether it's someone you disagree with, an old friend, an old lover, or a stranger, do not wish them bad. Be happy for them and the things they achieve. When you wish someone bad, it only makes you just as bad— or worse!

I sit here and think about the question "why?"

When people wish other people bad, what do they get out of it?

Well, they get the satisfaction of putting others down to make themselves feel better.

They may feel happy that they are bringing you down.

They may think they can change how you view yourself.

They may believe you deserve it.

With all of these what-ifs, there is no real answer.

The only advice I can give to you while the world around us is spiraling with negativity is to not fall into the trap of being one of these people.

When people wish you bad, do the opposite. People sometimes think you need to despise your enemies and destroy those who caused you pain, but the best thing to do is to smile and wish them well. Some people cause pain to others because they are struggling within themselves and if this is the case, let them go.

There is no reason in this world to wish others bad. It is not fake to wish your enemies well because if you are a good person, you would want them to do the same.