On The Verge Of Something Amazing

The picture you see above is the second version of my "Underwater WiFi" project. This is the improvement I have been working on this week. The main difference is it utilizes an Arduino and Data logging shield instead of WIO Link endpoint and utilizes a node based metallic end for the detection sensitivity. This is true since this is a sensory tech project as well. My idea as said last week isn't just to win a prize challenge but innovate and create a new wireless data transfer protocol.

Infact, I want the way technologies as a whole are used to change. We are living in an interconnected world where distributed tech is becoming seemingly more possible. This is going ton be true with decentralizing hardware. This will also apply to a distributed internet. Once you are able to create signals underwater, even if it relies on 4G connectivity, eventually you may figure out how to build something that doesn't rely on telecom towers.

I already have started doing end to end or P2P communication with the most simple of micro-controllers. You can even utilize your own local host or open ended frameworks as the point of interaction. I also have dabbed a bit with the dash protocol. I believe the way I am going about creating new decentralized technologies is going to eventually change the world.

Unlike this Studio C video, nothing can taunt me away from my dreams regarding this. We have an outdated grid systems and telecom towers that are too large and costly. Eventually technologies I am creating as well as people in other similar fields are making will catch on. It is only a matter of time.

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