3 Ways To Be A Winona In Today's World Full Of Kardashians
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Sure I just used the cliche introduction and notorious household name we like to call the Kardashians, but you clicked on it — bringing this article to a valid point: you clicked because you saw the Kardashians.

In modern society, we praise fake, unrealistic figures. Just log onto Instagram and take a look at what's on your timeline. People have to prove a point on how they look in order to be excepted into today's society. Without Instagram, you really wouldn't matter. I am currently 22 years old and a quite frequent selfie poster but I prefer my sweaters over the lavish and quite trashy lifestyle that I see some of my peers enduring in. I am all for self-love, but the difference between self-love and exposure is your selling yourself short.

1. Dress To Impress

The cult of Winona Ryder is a wild sensation, that you just have to look into yourself to understand and truly define it. The first time I was exposed to her was in the movie "Heathers." This movie is full of teenage angst brought to a whole different level. Winona flips the script and literally takes down the popular clique. She is most definitely the Audrey Hepburn of the '80s and '90s. Her dark scripture is what gave her her status as an icon. This was the first movie I took notice of her looks and true beauty. The way she carried herself was classy, with a rebellious undertake. She did not need her midriff or breasts showing to sell her movies. Men wanted her for her mysterious ways. That's something rare to find in these Instagram models.

Date a Johnny Depp instead of a self-proclaimed douche bag

Now I have dated everyone from an athlete to someone who thought they were a rockstar and even people who were very positive and outgoing. And with this being said, she always had it right when it came to Johnny Depp. I'm dating this all the way back to the early '90s when he was known as Hollywood's mysterious dreamboat. Why would you want someone full of themselves when you can have someone who isn't fond of that lifestyle and treats you like you should be.

She's free-spirited and not caught up in current trends.

She was part of the grunge scene instead of the glamour pop. You can still catch her to this day in a tight black dress on the red carpet. A story went viral about her getting beat up for wearing men's clothing in her teenage years. That never changed her or the way she presented herself. She has always stood her ground and her movies and lifestyle have proven it. She is known as a Tim Burton movie icon and is counting that sense of movie and television in the hit show "Stranger Things." She has never cared what the public eye has thought of her and will keep doing so until she dies. She truly defines what an individual is. While all these girls are worried about men and how they look for men, they should start focusing on their personalities and who they really are as a person. She stood out from the rest from her carefree attitude and natural beauty. She is one of the most underrated stars of her time.

On that note, Winona forever, baby.

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