Will Smith Put A Fresh Spin On The Role Of Genie

Will Smith Put A Fresh Spin On The Role Of Genie

Will Smith gave a surprisingly fresh and exciting take on his role as Genie in the new live action film "Aladdin."


After the trailers came out for the new remake of "Aladdin", many people laughed at the thought of Will Smith playing the role of Genie. Genie has thought to be a sacred character, as it was played by Robin Williams in the original film. Williams gave such an iconic performance displaying a piece of himself in the role.

So, the idea of someone else, especially someone like Will Smith, trying to redo the original character just seemed impossible and foolish.

After viewing the film, I can honestly say that Will Smith did not ruin or butcher the role of Genie.

He was not trying to be like Robin Williams. Smith had stated in interviews on how that was not his goal. He wanted to put his own twist on the character by trying to incorporate his "Fresh Prince" persona to make it his own, just as Robin incorporated his stand-up persona into Genie.

Everyone knew Smith wasn't going to outdo Williams or even come close, but that is not what the audience should take away after seeing the movie. The role of Genie is supposed to be comical and humorous, and Smith was exactly that, just in his own unique way. He made it more of his cool, chill guy persona that he played in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

We've heard Will Smith rap before, but he, of course, had to sing in the film.

At first, it was kind of funny. The whole audience was laughing when he first started singing and we were all laughing AT him. But as the movie went on, we were smiling and laughing with him because he was funny, and the singing wasn't that bad. His voice isn't amazing, but it did the job.

Smith deserves credit for putting in a good effort and not disappointing with the character. He didn't make the Genie something he wasn't, and he also was not trying to imitate Williams.

Don't go into the movie expecting it to be better than the original, and especially do not go into it thinking Will Smith will do a better job than Robin Williams.

You'll still enjoy the movie, though, as it is one that fulfills the same feelings as the original with the adventure, romance, and, of course, the iconic songs.

They included all of the original songs from the soundtrack, including the classics of "Arabian Nights," "Friend Like Me," "Prince Ali," and "A Whole New World."

It was a fun, lively movie with bright colors and exciting scenery. You won't find a dull moment during the movie to take a quick nap. You'll want to stay awake for this one.

Nothing beats originals, but it's still fun to see it in a live action movie, and it's still cute and fun to watch.

Disney movies can never be bad as long as you stick to the same characters, plot, and songs. They did that for the most part, so it is definitely a movie worth seeing.

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