I believe that every college should have good WiFi for many reasons!

The reason why colleges should have good WiFi is when kids are doing homework like typing papers, doing PowerPoints, and answering worksheet questions from a movie or just watching clips for class and even every homework assignment you can think of. The worst part about not having good WiFi is having it save your work or progress and you would have to retype your paper or redo your PowerPoint. If you are doing a video homework assignment for class and the video starting working and the connection cuts out.

The one thing that I hate the most about not having good Wi-Fi is when you are trying to watch Netflix and the connection just completely stop working on you and its just keep buffering just until the WiFi starts to work again. You know the connection is bad when the picture looks fuzzy and you can't even see the show that great, once the connection get better that when you get see the show or movie clear.

The WiFi on the phone is so bad that the WiFi will get cut in and out and it will sometime start not to work when you are trying to use WiFi and you cant even connect to your phone. The WiFi signal doesn't even want to show up when you are using it on your and than you have to go into setting just to see if you are you using WiFi. Noting want to load on the phone and sometime you will have to turn your WiFi just to have it work.

I have heard that colleges are suppose to have one of the best WiFi networks, but here in my case my college its doesn't have the best WiFi.