Why I Write

Why I Write

It's magical, that feeling of relief after you put your thoughts onto paper.

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For those of you who write, you understand the feeling of freedom when you sit down to let your mind explore the wonderful realm of words and the art of putting them together to mean something special. However, for those of you who don't write, you understand the emotions that are behind the words that we write while you read them, and that in itself can be truly powerful. Writing is an art that makes people realize they are never alone; it's an escape to those who feel as if they can't always explain their thoughts out loud, so they turn to paper. At least that's what it is to me.

I write because half of the time I don't know what was truly wrong until I read what I wrote just minutes beforehand. Some people use therapy or just a simple talk with a loved one to get through their problems, but most of the time, I write it out. I write because for a few minutes, my mind goes completely blank, and I still somehow find myself typing. I write because it gives me answers when I didn't believe I had them in the first place. For a short period of time, my mind is relaxed and is thoughtlessly putting my feelings onto paper, and after I am done, the stress is gone.

I write because it's my version of venting; whether it be a strategically versed poem or a paragraph that makes no sense, it is my way of getting it all out. Sure, venting to people and talking through what is bothering you is great, but sometimes you just don't want to talk to people. Sometimes, being alone with your thoughts and putting them on paper is exactly what you need.

I write to lift people up. Sometimes, I find myself writing poems that are inspirational and paragraphs that sound like they should be a voiceover for an episode on television, and that's OK. Sometimes people need a little pick-me-up, sometimes your thoughtful words can change a person's point of view for the better, and sometimes you give a person a different way to look at something. Who knows? Maybe your words will someday be stumbled upon and will change a life or even save one.

I love writing. It is so much more than scribbling down thoughts all the time; sometimes, it is about being heard. Sometimes, it is about changing the way individuals think. Writing is not just putting a few words in a book and calling it a day; it is filled with emotions that make others realize they aren't alone.

That is why I write.

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