8 Reasons Why Tinder Actually Kinda Sucks
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8 Reasons Why Tinder Actually Kinda Sucks

Sorry not sorry.

8 Reasons Why Tinder Actually Kinda Sucks

Can we collectively agree that tinder is actually just kind of a gross invention for millennials that shouldn't actually be so important in our lives? I'm not sure I know a person who hasn't had one, and although it can be fun, I find it concerning at the same time.

Of course, I could go with the whole argument about how old fashioned dating techniques are being thrown out the window, and how youngsters just don't know how to properly communicate anymore, which is can be true. But at the same time, people my age have been raised differently, hence we communicate differently. In some ways, it's a good thing. In others, maybe not so much. For me, I think Tinder carries a bit of a different tone than other social media outlets, and here is why.

1. It cheapens the dating scene

Personally, I think that Tinder is a place that puts a much stronger emphasis on just having casual sex instead of actually getting to know a person. Now, I'm not here to judge anybody. You do you. I just think our world provides more than enough opportunity to make poor choices and to put yourself in bad situations, so why have one more?

2. It can be dangerous

Tinder, along with other sites, have major stalker potential. I've personally known people with Tinder accounts who haven't quite been pursued at the level of having an actual stalker, but pretty dang close. Allowing yourself to offer your identity up to literal strangers can be a recipe for disaster.

3. Rise in STDs

Do I have to say any more? I mean, eww.

4. Easy to lie

Honestly, when you match with someone on Tinder, there is no way you can truly know who you have connected with. People present themselves exactly the way they want to be perceived and like much of other social media sites, honesty is NOT the best policy.

5. It's an emotional roller coaster

We all remember that exhilarating feeling when we first started getting matches and how it made us feel sexy and wanted. Now let's just take a moment and remember how we felt when that match turned out to be a total a-hole. Not wanting anything to do with us or continue talking if we refused to sleep with them or engage in sexting. This up and down emotional ride is hard on our hearts and our confidence.

6. Instant gratification

Tinder gives people the idea that life and dating is an instant result. The users go fishing for those immediate compliments. They feed off of the approval that others are providing. This can to a false bravado or total destruction of ones confidence.

7. Unrealistic standards for dating and other people

Tinder gives its users a false descriptive of what not only dating is like but also how others look. It puts an emphasis on people's looks rather than their personalities.

8. Highly addictive

The right swiping of the hotties and left of the undesirables can become a game many can't quit, even though they know they probably should.

I had my own at one point, I won't lie. It was silly, and all of my friends had it so i figured I should give it a go. But honestly, as long as those who have it take it in good fun and not too seriously, I think it's not all bad. I just think people my age should step back and take a hard look at what they are doing and think twice before making any decisions they may regret.

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