The real risks juuling poses to your health

No matter where you are, no matter what time it is, our generation seems to think that any time is a good time to juul. So, why is this "juul" thing so popular? Well, to put it simply, kids think it makes them look cool and it gives them something to do. I attribute the popularity and marketing success of the juul to the present-day party culture and just pure boredom.

While the juul has become the number one party accessory among guys and girls of various ages, there are several potential health risks that juuling can pose. Most kids don't see the harm in juuling because, quite simply, the device looks harmless. It is a short, slender plastic device that strongly resembles a flash drive. Beyond that, instead of producing the horrible, pungent smell that cigarettes put off, juuls actually produce a pleasant smell. The juul pods come in a multitude of different flavors, such as cotton candy and watermelon, and the smoke they put off smells just like those flavors. So how could it be harmful if it smells like candy apples?

Well, to answer that question, one juul pod is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes. So while you think sucking on that juul is doing no harm to your body, think again. The pod contains concentrated nicotine which can lead to detrimental health problems such as lung cancer.

If that isn't enough to make you want to stop juuling, the pods are extremely expensive, especially if you juul regularly. One pack of juul pods, which comes with four pods, costs $15.99. If you are smoking a pod a day, that puts you at roughly 2 packs of pods a week, which is $32. Multiply that by the number of weeks there are in a year, and that puts you at spending nearly $1700 on juul pods in just one year. Think about all of the other things, healthier things, that you could spend that kind of money on. Oh yea, not only would you save a ton of money, but you would also decrease your chances of getting cancer.

In my opinion, the choice could not be more clear. However, the sad fact of the matter is that the juul is only getting more popular. Young adults, mostly high school and college-aged kids, are taking up juuling with the mindset of "why not?" Well, I've told you why not. These kids are voluntarily getting themselves addicted to nicotine in an effort to fit in with the current trend. Just remember that our grandparents thought cigarettes were cool and harmless until everyone started getting lung cancer and scientists discovered the true health risks associated with smoking.

If you haven't taken up juuling yet, I strongly urge you to stay away from this unhealthy fad. Sure, you might enjoy hearing the crackling noise the juul makes when you take a hit or blowing the watermelon flavored vapor out of your mouth while sitting in class or riding the bus, but those minute, fleeting pleasures the juul offers aren't worth the risks the juul could pose to your health in a couple years.

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