From 30 different artists collaborating together to sing about the Earth, here’s more reasons why you need to watch the video.

1. The song was released just for Earth Day.

2. The animation is phenomenal.

3. Snoop Dog is not an animal, He is a marijuana plant and there is nothing else I could picture him as.

4. There’s over 20 different artists in the song.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio holding planet Earth is way better than him holding on to Rose. 

6. It talks about World Peace and loving each and every country.

7. Net profits from the song are being donated to Climate Change.

8. Many artists like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus are animals in the video.

9. He tries to tell everyone to chill and respect the Earth and each other.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio even said, “This might be my favorite song ever.”

11. He tries explaining that Global Warming is a real thing.

12. Lil Dicky expresses that we need to love each other and ourselves and stop the pollution and shootings. 

13. If the aliens come, Earth will be volunteering Leonardo DiCaprio as tribute.

14. Because we love our earth, it is our planet.