Once summer comes around, there is a huge sigh of relief. The busy school schedule is set aside for a few months and I have time just for myself. Not only do I love my summers for time with my family, reconnecting with friends, the beaches, bonfires & the yummy goodies, but what I love the most is that I can reconnect with my inner bookworm. During the school year I have enough reading to do, with books piled high. You think this would make anyone hate reading and want to take the summer off from it, but this is my prime time. I have just begun to get back into my book routine and have started to create my summer list. I'm hoping to finish at least five books, but would rather have even more completed. While people gravitate towards Netflix and binge watching seasons for the summer, the following are reasons you should turn off that television and pick up a book, or a tablet to read on if you're feeling tech savvy.

1. Reading is a chance to keep your brain active.

While watching Netflix or movies is good once in a while and a great way to relax, reading a book can be used for the same thing, but also be more beneficial. During the summer people sometimes shut down and completely stop exercising their brain. The brain is like any other muscle in the body and needs to be worked in order to stay healthy. By being engaged and reading, this will be an easy, enjoyable way to do so.

2. You can learn about different subjects.

Books are a great way to learn about new things, or things you have little knowledge about but are interested in! Of course you can read genres you are interested in that are just for fun, but you can also read self-help books, cookbooks, or books such like that of astronomy. Pick one up to further your knowledge and maybe impress someone with what you've learned.

3. Your imagination is set free.

Movies & shows are all planned out, the plot line is set and there are already things in motion to occur. With books however, you are able to use your imagination and creativity to tailor it the way you would like. Yes, the author does do some outlining with characters, scenery and events, but there is leeway to use your mind to see it how you would please.

4. There is this amazing feeling when you finish a book.

This may just be me and my nerdy self, but there is a big feeling of accomplishment as you see yourself tackling page by page, and eventually the entire book. You would be surprised how fast you can finish a piece when you're intrigued and enthralled by it. It's similar to the feeling of checking things of your To Do List-- something kind of unexplainable that just feels so right.

5. Books give you a topic to discuss.

Personally, I have never been in a book club just because it has never been an opportunity for me. However, I secretly have a desire to be in one. Similar to t.v. shows and movies, books give a great talking point. When you are really interested in something, and there is someone else to discuss it with, the feeling is even better.

6. Reading is a great activity to do when you find yourself bored.

Yes, television is awesome to pass hours on end. But you have to admit that you get bored after watching it for so long, right? A good book will never do this to you. I find myself so into the book that I don't realize the hours passing by and it is something to do when you really need to kill time.

7. A book is easily portable.

Ever find yourself waiting in a doctor's office or waiting to meet someone? Pull out the book and get to it! It is totally not weird to bring a book with you and you kill two birds with one stone-- you enjoy the usual dreadful waiting period, and people probably think you are very studious.

8. Books are cheap.

Especially during the summer, you can find a great book deal! Most places besides bookstores will even sell them, such as gas stations or little stops in areas close to the beach. Some books can be on the more expensive end, but that doesn't mean you can find a great one under ten dollars. I mean think about it, you'll easily spend ten bucks on a meal that only lasts for one sitting! A book can last a lifetime, once you read it, you can always go back later on and read it again.

9. You can be part of an alternate life.

I can honestly say just a few days ago I spoke about a character in my book as if they were a real person. Reading a book puts you into the scenario and makes you a part of it. Sometimes it is nice to just open the book and be transformed into this "second" life when you are fed up with yours at the time.

10. Books take you places you cannot go.

Even if you can't get away this summer to that dream vacation you wished for, everything will be okay. Reading a book can take you places even while you physically stay put. When you read, you become involved in the text and will end up feeling like you are in the exact location it is talking about. This is key during the summer blues, or winter blues-- open that book and transport yourself to that island or big city you wish to be at.