For those of you that are going to start college in a few years, there are many majors and career paths to choose from. Many colleges offer dozens of choices so it can be very hard to pick just one. It can be daunting, but you still have some time to choose. Even when you get into college, you can be undeclared and take general education courses before you choose a major. Here are some reasons to choose the major I have chose.

I chose to be a Social Studies major with a concentration in Adolescent Education. This basically means that I want to eventually become a high school history teacher. I chose this mainly because of my love of everything historical. Teaching history, in my opinion, is the best subject to teach to any age student. History has the ability help you relate to the past, find interesting facts, and see some of the most amazing feats and and blunders by nations and people in them. It is also important to learn from the past so as to not make the same mistakes in the future. You can also learn valuable knowledge from the greatest minds in history, books written about the lives of war heroes and great politicians, and even the more ruthless kinds of people all have a story to tell that we can learn lessons from. Even in history there were many ordinary people who did great things in certain situations. I found that through studying history I have learned many interesting facts about many people, events, and nations. For instance one of my favorite facts about history is we bluffed Russia into not attacking us and spending most of their money on space research by telling them we have space lasers that would shoot down any missile they tried firing at us. They believed us because we were the first even country to put a man on the moon, they didn't know what we were capable of. Many more interesting things can be found all throughout time whether it be something somewhat silly like that or something that had much more of an impact.

The reason I chose to concentrate in Adolescent Education is because it is very important to properly instruct and help the future generations of our country grow. Teaching them history is vital, many subjects, depending on the field you go into, will not be important past the basic understanding. History, however, needs to be understood more thoroughly; it encompasses government, laws, and how society can work. Being in high school most of the students are going to be in college and the real world in a year or two. They need to understand how the government works and the laws they'll be following on their own without their parents help to know what's right and wrong. It is also noble to be the teacher of the future generations. You're making sure they get a proper education. If you don't like some teachers that you have had you can always model your own teaching style on your favorite teacher. Even if you just don't like school in general you most likely had a favorite teacher. You can teach like them, I am modeling my different lesson plans and my teaching style off of my favorite teacher from high school. There's also many different places you can work, you can apply to every high school near you public or private.

There are a lot of reasons to choose any major you want to, but I feel that teaching history has the most personal rewards. You get to teach a very interesting topic, you can say you're helping the future generations of America, and you can have many work places to go when you want a job. Teaching history has been a great experience for me and I believe it can be a great experience for you as well.