Why You Should Aspire To Be As Cool As Ezra Koenig
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Why You Should Aspire To Be As Cool As Ezra Koenig

Believe in your selfie.

Why You Should Aspire To Be As Cool As Ezra Koenig

Most everyone has heard of New York indie band Vampire Weekend. They're super cool and hip. The band's members all met while studying at Columbia University. They've become very well-known amongst the younger crowd because their songs talk about youth fading fast, which is pretty relatable. Over the years, Vampire Weekend has increased in popularity because of lead singer Ezra Koenig. His hilarious Twitter account and cool factor has fans going crazy. Koenig makes 'being cool' seem effortless, and he makes you want to embrace your weird side. Because of this, I've compiled a list of reasons why you should aspire to be as cool as Ezra Koenig. Let's all be cool together!

1. He used to be an English teacher. Dang I wish he could teach me English.

2. He rocks a dog sweater.

3. He has a copyrighted facial expression.

4. He holds his guitar in the best angle ever.

5. His hair is majestic af like dayum son. Makes you just wanna run your hands through those luscious locks. So powerful.

6. His Vines are incredible. Like wow. Art.

Dayum his voice is so deep.

7. His Twitter account is gold.

8. Best. Selfie. Taker. Ever. He's got all his angles down. What an expert.

10. He was able to rock this outfit. Like he's the only one who could ever do this. I promise you, no one else could pull this off so yeah don't try it. You'll embarrass yourself.

11. Also, he can pull off headbands, which is very difficult to do.

12. He wrote a song with Karen O. from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and then performed it at The Oscars. It was so beautiful.

P.S. Everybody wishes they were Karen O.

13. His laugh sounds like happiness.

14. He's pretty wise.

15. He actually cares about politics and got the opportunity to sing "This Land Is Your Land" with Bernie Sanders to show support at a rally.

16. He also wrote a song with Major Lazer (so cool) called "Jessica". It sounds dreamlike, and his voice makes you want to cry because you realize he's so talented and you could never be or sound that cool. Dang.

17. He's friends with Chromeo, who are like one of the greatest duos ever.

18. He didn't give up on learning "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band, and he sure as hell didn't let the haters get to him.

19. And lastly, he somehow always looks super cool. There's no denying it. I don't understand how that's possible. How can you just 'look cool' without trying?

God bless you, Ezra Koenig. May we all achieve your level of coolness one day.

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