It’s easy to snap at others, and pick on others, when you’re going through a rough time or just having a bad day. You think that everyone around you should just understand that you are going through a rough time and deal with your attitude or understand every single time you are “joking.” Wrong. That is not how things should be. You may also think that picking on people you know or making fun of a stranger is harmless fun and they’ll never know about it. However, people are smarter and more receptive to the people and things around them than you think.

First of all, you have no idea about everything the people around you are going through, even if you think you might. They may be having just as bad of a day as you are, or possibly going through a million worse things than anything you may dealing with. They just may not voice it or make it known. They could be going through hell and back without giving the slightest hint. Even if you're not going through a rough time, you should still be nice to everyone around you and not pick on anyone, unless they're actually 100% okay with it and understand that you're joking and they are joking with you. If they aren't okay with you making rude or sarcastic comments even though you’re “joking,” that’s bullying--in no way, shape or form, an okay thing to do.

Something else that needs to have attention drawn to it is the fact that even when you do the smallest kind thing, it has the potential to brighten a person’s entire day. They might have been having one of the worst days of their lives, and just because you did something nice for them or were simply nice to them, they could find that day a little more tolerable and be able to power through. Even better than that, whoever you're kind to, or do something kind for may then pass it on and want to be kind to others. Your kindness can and will have a ripple effect.

Don’t be kind only to those you know, but to strangers as well. Something as simple as holding a door open for someone, picking up the cost of a stranger’s coffee, or even staying off your phone while walking down a hall and smiling at someone who passes you could make them smile and could make their whole day or week, even more.

Being kind and seeing someone light up is incredibly priceless. Kindness is infectious and makes those being kind, and those receiving the kindness, feel amazing. All of this may sound incredibly cheesy, but just think of the last time you did something selfless and wanted to make someone’s day. How long ago was that? Are you too caught up in your social media and your phone? Are you too engulfed up in your own agenda that you don’t realize what other people around you are going through?

Even when you absolutely cannot stand someone, be nice to them. The phrase “kill ‘em with kindness” is incredibly true. If you and someone else do not ever see eye to eye, they may be looking to upset you. But all you have to do is be nice to them, and they will not succeed. Kindness is not only a beautiful thing, but it's a weapon to keep the peace. So be nice whenever possible, so that everyone will be in a better state of mind, including you.