Why you need to take this test before you go to sleep tonight


The MBTI test changed my freaking life. I felt like an alien on earth before I discovered that I was an INFJ. According to the site, INFJ's make up only 1% of the population. Wow, that is RARE. No wonder I've felt misunderstood for so long, feeling like I don't belong. But I'm grateful that I now have so much insight into my personality type and who I really am. Although I can't change the way I am, I am proud to be an INFJ. I embrace it. Now, I can explain those 4 magical letters below briefly:

"I" stands for introverted which means that I enjoy keeping to myself most of the time rather than being surrounded by other people. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy company! It just means I need more time alone in order to recharge my energy. Socializing too much drains me.

"N" stands for intuitive which means that I'm observant of people's behaviors and moods. I've been called a mystical Buddha at times because of how intuitive I really am. It's almost as if I can foresee the future at all times, just from my imaginative mindset alone.

"F" stands for feeler which means I'm empathetic! I feel for other people and like to walk in their shoes, see what life is like from their perspective. I make decisions based on my emotions.

"J" is for judging. I am a planner (I'm always making to-do lists, writing events on calendars etc). I stick to my plans and usually don't improvise. I'm always 5 minutes early. I tend to mildly criticize people at times, trying to help them with their problems simultaneously.

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