Why You Need To Fall In Love With 2017
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Why You Need To Fall In Love With 2017

The moment you let your passion cascade through your entire being is the moment you become unstoppable.

Why You Need To Fall In Love With 2017
Elly Hofmaier

2016 is coming to a close; you see the end of a year of memories, of pain, of happiness. You remind yourself of the moment you didn’t think you would see the light of the next day. The moment you cried until you laughed with people you swore you would spend the rest of your life with.

This world gives and takes – but my friend 2017 here. 2017 may just be another year in the grand scheme of life; hell people live to be 100. However, 100 might come quicker than you imagine, and you might wish that you took each year to create something beautiful.

Even though 2016 may have seem infinite, your life is not. Moments disappear, memories fade, friendships dissolve, loves fall apart.

A new year is coming, and it is another chance to create something beautiful. Beauty is solely defined by you – and this year you should not let anyone attempt to alter your definition.

So although New Years resolutions may seem cliché or useless, dedicate yourself to something this year.

Dedicate yourself to finding a new friendship, to reconnecting with old friends.

Fall in love with something you are drawn to – paint, run, create something.

Push yourself beyond the comfort zone, whether that means going on a diet or forcing yourself to be extroverted.

No goal is cliché, each goal is admirable. Don’t give up on yourself and don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do something because you can truly set this world on fire.

Dedicate your 2017 to finding your passion and letting it flow through you. The moment you let your passion vibrate through your entire being is the moment you become unstoppable for nothing is as aggressive and volatile as unrestricted determination.

Ultimately, New Years resolutions are about setting a standard for yourself. Do not let a year pass by, do not let negative comments restrict you. Once you set the fire, it cannot be controlled by anyone but yourself.

Fall in love with 2017.

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