Why I Write

Why I Write

Writing is my escape when things get to be to hard.

Everyone has their own reasons on why they do anything. We all have reasons on why we talk the way we do, why we like to read or why we hate to read, why we love school or why we hate it. We all have reasons that dictate our actions. Every author has their own reasons on why they write a certain way, why they write this genre over another one, and every single one of them has their own reasons on why writing was something they wanted to do.

I like to write because I feel powerful when I do. I love the feeling of having all the power. I get to control the whole world that I create. I get to decide the hard decisions that I push my characters in. I get to decide everything. It's extremely satisfying knowing you are in control of this story and no one can come and tell you to change it.

I enjoy writing; there is something so amazing about being able to write down every weird, crazy, out of this world thought. Sometimes I don't feel as though I have a very creative mind but when I can write down everything that comes to mind, I'm able to find the few original ideas. I know most people are probably losing their minds right now, how can anyone enjoy writing? When I do find those original, creative ideas, I get this weird adrenaline rush and I have to start writing before I lose my train of thought. That moment right there, where my mind is so full of ideas is what I enjoy the most about writing. Writing is fun for me because as long as I'm creating this new world, I get to be someone else and I get to experience something completely new.

As cliche as it sounds, writing really helps me escape. Sometimes when everything just seems to keep piling on its nice to be able to pull out my notebook and just write. More often than not I have my head stuck in a book or a notebook. Even when I'm on my phone, a lot of the time I'm reading or writing something. It's so easy to get lost in a new story, at least for me it is. Being able to just sit somewhere quiet and write anything I want can be the best way for me to unwind. It's been about a month since I left for college; I'm farther from home than I have ever been before and sometimes it's hard. But when I force myself to sit and write down all my worries, they seem a lot less scary. Writing is my escape.

Even if you don't like to write your own stories and would rather just write in a journal, it can be so empowering. For me if I'm writing in a journal, I write things I know I could never say. Whether it be because its incredibly rude, or because I will never have the guts to say it. Writing can be so freeing. Nothing calms me more then just writing everything down and venting. Writing allows me to say anything I want, it allows me to filter out my thoughts better, it allows me to free myself from all the stresses of college and everything else life likes to throw at me.

A lot of people reading this will never understand my feelings when writing. Even so, I know that there is a whole world of people like me who love to write. I'm not a very good writer and I don't think I will ever be famous for it, but that doesn't matter. I don't write to make money, I don't write for other people, I don't write to get my message out. I write because I like to. I write because it's the only thing in this entire world that makes me feel unique. And as I said before, every author has their own reason on why they write. What is yours?

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We Do The Things We Do For A Reason, To Help Us Find Our Passion

How I knew writing was my love.

Why do we do the things we do? A question I get asked a lot is “why did you start your blog?”

I wish it was as simple as “I love to write!” But it isn’t. I was always a terrible reader, all through elementary school I had the worst handwriting and grammar in the class. It wasn’t until seventh grade that I began to truly like to write. I started writing in a little black journal that read “I can I Will” on the front every night. At first, it was just simple stuff like what I had done that day but eventually, it developed into more.

I would have so much going on in my head, I would just need to write it on paper! Ideas, opinions I was too afraid to say out loud, and even short “movies”. Writing actually helped me develop my true voice. Once I realized that I was one of the only kids in class who actually enjoyed writing papers, I knew it was my calling. It was something I wanted to put my heart and soul into.

My freshman year, everyone had their “thing” whether it be basketball or soccer or dance. My thing was going to the cozy coffee shop in Royal Oak and just writing for hours.

I would just pour my heart out onto a piece of paper and love it! I felt a release and always felt a sense of power when I finished a meaningful article.

The summer I got home from my last year of sleep away camp, I wanted to somehow share my writing with the world. I am terrible at technology so I never thought I would be able to create a blog, but I did! I thought it would only be appropriate to call it "I can I Will" because it was not only what my first journal said but had deep meaning to me for various reasons (a different story for another time). For me, it was not about how many likes or shares my page received, but to see and hear if I had made an impact on others. I wanted to inspire people or in some way make them just think. Think about life and themselves. Think about the good stuff.

As of today, every time I post an article, I feel loved. I get goosebumps from every comment on my post or when people I barely even know come up to me and tell me they read my blog.

So, why do we do the things we do? Is it to make us happy? No. We do the things we do to better the world for ourselves and for the people around us. I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason. This being said, go after your dreams, do what you want, make yourself happy while also putting smiles on other people’s faces. We do the things we do for a reason, even if we don't know it!

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9 Ways To Have Fun While NOT Partying On The Weekend In Bloomington

Parties can be fun, but you don't have to spend all of your weekends going to them. Here are 9 of my favorite ways to branch out!

I know what you are thinking: “What a lame article.” Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes it is good to branch out and try new things. Here is a list of my favorite things to do on the weekend while still staying out of trouble.

1. Mini Golf

Every time I’m in the mall I pass by this new glow-in-the-dark Mini Golf place. It looked pretty neat and it’s a great activity to do with your friends. Whether you are good at sports or not, you are guaranteed to have fun. I mean who could pass up mini golf? (Not to mention glow-in-the-dark mini golf??)

2. Anthony’s Pets

The classic go-to in Bloomington. Hit up Anthony’s Pets for a fun time with puppies. Nobody with a heart can resist puppy love. (They have other animals too!!)

3. Movie night

Great for a night in with your friends or if you want to switch things up and go to the movies, you can do that too! There are plenty of great movies out right now and coming up! Some of those include Black Panther, Jumanji, and The Greatest Showman.

4. Hiking & Staying in a Cabin

Some of my favorite nights are nights we have spent at my friend’s cabin. Hiking and staying in Brown County is an awesome activity to get into when there is not much happening around campus. Bring cards and your speaker and it’s bound to be fun.

5. Sober for a pair

Here’s an unusual idea. If you are involved in Greek Life on campus, offer to sober monitor for one of your house’s socials. You get the fun of going to the party, but don’t feel obligated to drink. It’s the best of both worlds when you are just not feeling it.

6. Support your favorite IU team

There are always games going on the weekends. Tickets are super cheap or admission is free for a lot of sports. Some of the best games are ones you get to go to with a bunch of your friends. Leaving your dorm or apartment is fun for a change of scenery, especially when so many people go to these games. Get out there and see what’s happening! I personally love the basketball games.

7. Escape Room

There is a new Escape Room experience in Bloomington called Locked Up. It is fun for all ages and great for when you have guests! Trying new things is really fun and this is a great bonding experience for people looking to take big groups. I did one in Indy, and it ends up being something you talk about all the time. Plus they are currently running a promo for Valentines Day! Use the code ‘Vday2018’ when you checkout.

8. The Comedy Attic

This is a great one for the older crowds. With different shows every weekend, it is so much fun to go and eat dinner with your friends while you get some good laughs in. People love the entertainment. They also have kid-friendly shows as well!

9. Bowling at the IMU

Bowling is an awesome activity for when your group just can’t decide on what to do. Everyone loves a good competition. It’s super cheap for students to go and there are other games to do once you are in!

Cover Image Credit: Hannah George

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