It's always nice to have your go-to best friend (s) for advice and to be there for you whatever it may be, but having a gay best friend is a specialty.

Every day I am either texting, Snapchatting, Facetiming, or Twitter direct messaging my best friend Mason. I don't know what it is but he could say ANYTHING and I laugh hysterically. We mostly joke about how our lives are beyond stressful and our love lives in general.

Mason is so funny that he went viral on Twitter once

Whenever I need a personal hype-man, I call Mason. Whenever I need the approval of posting a selfie in the new outfit Mason encouraged me to buy, I call Mason. He is the perfect combination of the devil and angel on my shoulder

Don't get me wrong, my other friends do all the same for me, but I take Mason's opinion to heart the most. If I look like an absolute wreck, he will tell me. If I'm having a good day and look like Britney Spears, he will tell me.

Whenever I overthink a text from the male species, Mason is the person I reach out to in order to decipher the coded message as if he knows the password. I mean he is a dude too, so it's nice to get his perspective on things. (Even if he might lie to make me feel better sometimes, it's ok I do it too.)

If I'm having a mental breakdown and my eyeliner is down to my chin, and I'm sobbing uncontrollably about something so petty, you guessed it right, I call Mason.

I get exciting news that's work-related or Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer of Green Day) finally comes to his senses and asks to marry me? You guessed it, I call Mason.

Mason is the most non-judgmental person I have ever met and is so caring for others. I know that if I needed him he would drop what he's doing and rush to see me.

So, if you are looking to have a person that will always be there for you, or need to plot revenge on someone, or tell you their honest opinion about how a dress just doesn't work for you, you need to a Mason. You can't have mine though, get your own.