20 Cartoon Characters Before And After They Came Out Of The Closet

20 Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Before And After They Came Out Of The Closet

Did you know Aladdin is demisexual?


1. Chowder, before


Chowder, after


Look out world! Chowder is here and he is queer

2. Jasmine, before


2. Jasmine, after


Guess what, Jasmine is questioning and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

3. Dora, before


3. Dora, after


She's not really into the whole "having sex" thing, therefore making her asexual

4. Aladdin, before


4. Aladdin, after


How cute is he? Aladdin is finally out in the open as demisexual, so form that connection or else he will slip away.

5. Tiana, before


5. Tiana, after



6. Spongebob, before


6. Spongebob, after


Poor guy, he's out of the closet as bi-curious, but is having a hard time telling his mom. You can do it Spongebob, we love you!

7. Danny, before


7. Danny, after


Sorry, ladies, Danny Phantom is gay. RIP to my childhood dreams of marrying this boy. But oh well, GO GET YOURSELF A MAN DANNY

8. Timmy, before


8. Timmy, after


Still his awkward self, but now, people know that he's genderfluid.

9. Mario, before


9. Mario, after


Mario's rocking out to the beat of his own drum. He is now free to the world to accept himself as a trans FtM

10. Johnny, before


10. Johnny, after


Tinder bio: Johnny Bravo, 21, Taurus ♉, Italian 🇮🇹, biromantic asexual.

11. Patrick, before


11. Patrick, after


Look out, ladies and gents, cause Patrick is out to Steal. Your. Man.

12. Casper, before


12. Casper, after


He's not into you, get over it. #Asexual

13. Beast, before


13. Beast, after


Beauty and the Beast: plot-twist, the Beast is monosexual, but swings mostly the other way, if you catch my drift.

14. Bugs Bunny, before


14. Bugs Bunny, after


#ImComingOut #FreeToBeMe #Intersex

15. Jerry, before


15. Jerry, after


"Cue the music: "I'm coming out..." as BI. If you can't accept that, BI B*TCHES"

16. Tazmanian Devil, before


16. Tazmanian Devil, after


Birth Certificate: (edited) Tazmania Devil, identifies as female.

17. Wiley Coyote, before


17. Wiley Coyote, after


Ah, Wiley Coyote, still their crazy self, just a lot less crazy in the sheets because... they are asexual, and don't want to get freaky with anyone else.

18. Fred Flintstone, before


18. Fred Flintstone, after


*Tries to add up how many f*cks he gives know that all the homophobes are out of his life* Answer: ZERO

19. Gaston, before


19. Gaston, after


*HUGE* shocker. And by "*HUGE*" I really don't mean that huge of a shock. Gaston is autosexual, he gets turned on by looking at himself. WE ALL KNEW THIS ALREADY.

20. Optimus Prime, before


20. Optimus Prime, after


ATTENTION EVERYONE: I know this may come out as a shock, but for now on, please refer to me by the pronouns she/her/hers. Thank you.

* * *

What I am trying to say is: just like your favorite cartoon characters, people who identify along the LGBTQ+ spectrum still remain the same after you found out this new piece of information about them. Just because one has a different lifestyle than you, does not make them any different. It's time to accept everyone for who they are.

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Don't you want to just go back in time and bask in the simple days where all you cared about was how good your blue eyeshadow looked and when the next Disney Channel Original movie would come on?

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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I Went To My First Pride Event And It Was The Most Amazing Things I've Experienced

Being loving and accepting to others is the only way to make the world better.

My school hosted its very first Pride event for the LQBTQ+ students a few days ago. It promised live drag entertainment, free food and a whole lot of other things. My attention was caught immediately when I heard about it because I'm the biggest drag fan you could ever find, and I had always wanted to see it performed live.

So, I went to the event and it was the best decision I've made in a really long time.

It was really beautiful to be surrounded by people who were just happy to be themselves and happy that they were able to celebrate it in our community. I saw a lot of gay people and allies who were just happy to be out in the sun, eating hot dogs and dancing to music. No one was judging or doing anything to make others uncomfortable. In fact, everyone who was at the event did their best to spread as much love and happiness as they could, and this is what made the day the best for me.
It was so satisfying to see my friends (that were usually closeted around others) being so free and proud of who they are. I went to the event and came back realizing that there are people around us that are different than who we are, different from what we are comfortable with, but that does not mean that they should be disrespected.

Being more accepting and loving to others is the only way to make the world better.

Pride also taught me that letting others feel comfortable enough to let their guards down and be their truest selves is really the most satisfying thing. Love and acceptance is the only way to make the world better and pride showed me this. From my experience at this first pride event, I know this will definitely not be my last time going. The LGBTQ+ community will be seeing more of me, and I can't wait to be able to show this community how much I love and support each of them.

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