I know what you're thinking: Relax. You don't understand yet. Once you go through your twenties you will be finished with them and ready to move on. Or, stop complaining. You are lucky to even still be in your twenties.

Of course I understand these thoughts. I am very lucky to be so young with so many opportunities at my feet and no true obligations yet. But at the same time I feel the pressure of my life in front of me more than ever before.

I know that my twenties will be awesome years of growth, new experiences, and dream chasing. However, I also know that these years are limited. There are only so many years that I can spend deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life before it is time to live the rest of my life.

The many options and dreams that I have are both blessings and curses. There's law school or there's politics or there's entrepreneurship or there's service. And that's just fields that I'm currently interested in. The sky is really the limit for all young people just beginning their careers. But all of these options requires commitment and time.

I struggle with not only picking what I want to do, but also deciding to let go of many of my other dreams.

And then being a mom comes along. Don't get me wrong. Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a mom. I still do. But I also struggle with knowing that having children will in some way, shape, or form set me back in my career. I will have to take time away from building my career to build my family. Both are important to me in different ways, but nonetheless important.

I know that all of these worries are human. They are what most people feel as they enter the world. But I feel more pressured to figure them out sooner than later. I just feel like all of these problems and questions must be dealt with in this approaching decade. If only I had more time to experiment, network, and plan in my twenties to design the life that I want to live.

But I guess it isn't meant to be planned perfectly. Life is life. It is a ride, not a destination.

I am constantly reminding myself that life just works. It always has for me and I assume that it will continue to do so. It will all fall into place and seem like 20/20 in hindsight. So, I just keep grinding hard and doing my best in hopes that life leads me where I belong.

Until then, I will take my twenties on by storm and do what I love to get the life that I love.