Why Wearing Makeup Helps Increase My Self-Esteem

Why Wearing Makeup Helps Increase My Self-Esteem

I've Gone Without It, And I Just Feel Better With It

I have been wearing makeup since I was about 15. At first, it was just a little bit of mascara, but then the amount of makeup I wore escalated. When I was going into my junior year of high school I was 16. This is when I started to cake my face in makeup. I thought it made me look better, but then I began to realize that caking my face in makeup was not what made me look better, it was my self-esteem. My self-esteem went up when I was wearing all of that makeup, but recently, about 6 months ago, I began to wear just one layer of light makeup. It still made me feel beautiful, even though I wasn’t wearing much of it. I realized that even just the littlest bit of makeup can help your self-esteem.

Some days I don’t even wear makeup because I realized that I can be beautiful without it. Makeup is good for when you want to boost your self-esteem, but don’t feel like you have to cake your face in makeup to look beautiful. Makeup is just a way you can make yourself feel better about how you look, and once you feel more confident, you can either start wearing less of it or just know that even without it, you look beautiful. I have been insecure about how my face look since I started wearing makeup when I was 15. I didn’t like how it looks because I felt like I was not pretty enough. This is when I started to wear some mascara, but after a year I didn’t feel like that was enough. So I started to put bb cream, then powder and cake my face with it. I felt like it made me prettier. I was wrong. The increase in confidence is what made me prettier, not the large amount of makeup I applied to my face.

Since then I have learned that even with just a bit of makeup I can help increase my confidence. Less makeup if better for your skin anyways. Nowadays I just put on makeup in 5 minutes and I still feel just as beautiful as I did when I took 30 minutes. But now I wear less makeup and waste less of my time, yet my confidence is higher than ever. In the past I was worried I would not look good when wearing little to no makeup, but now I know either way I look beautiful. And being confident helps with that. If I wasn’t confident I would’ve never been able to leave the house without makeup. I now love my face the way it is, but I still enhance it by wearing a bit of makeup just because it makes me feel better about going out. If you feel like you’re not pretty enough without makeup, you’re probably wrong, because you can be pretty without makeup. Using makeup to boost your confidence is a good idea, though. Using makeup enhances your face and shows you how naturally pretty you are.

Cover Image Credit: angelikaroxx.tumblr.com

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Important Reasons Why You Need a Gas Detector in Your Home


When you have a gas detector in your home, you can easily check the risks in your environment and be able to take the right precautions in advance. That becomes a must in the commercial and home setting when you have the possibility of hazards everywhere. With the help of gas detectors, it becomes simple to discover the threats in both unmanned and manned areas.

The Types Of Gas Hazards

There are gas hazards in three types: toxicity, explosive gases,and oxygen depletion. If you have oxygen depletion, it'll happen in gas areas. While you might just have none explosive or nontoxic gas, it may, however, displace the surrounding air and reduce the normal air levels. This could make it hazardous for anyone to get into the area. The best thing you can to avoid these issues is to have gas detectors in different rooms.

Steady Monitoring

The advantage of a gas detector in your home is it can offer you 24/7 monitoring, and you are able to monitor all areas. Even though you have a place left unmanned most of thetimes, you can certainly to check it when possible to advise your family members of a dangerous atmosphere before entering. If you are able toidentify dangerous gases in advance, you'll be able to take care of the dangers on the home, and often, you'll meet the requirements in your home insurance policy. Portable products, such as the GasAlertQuattro are able to monitor up to four gases with just the press of a button.

Watch The Expenses

With a gas detector in your home; you are able to minimize the amount of time it requires for a review since you don't need certainly too personally check the chances of an explosion in the area. This can reduce the hours and money used to do, and fundamentally, this means saving cash on the expenses.

Powerful Shield

If you have a gas detector, you can easily check the gases in your environment. As a result of this, you can easily tell if you find a possibility of explosion, fire or asphyxiation. This gives your family members a secure home to be, and you are not fretting about things going wrong.

The Misunderstanding

there are some individuals who think that they'll use an oxygen sensor to check the poisonous gases. They think that after the oxygen gets displaced, they'll have a warning. But, the normal warning just provides you with an idea of 0.1 % volume. If there is a concentration of 0.1 percent or 1,000ppm, that'll not be able to detect most of the harmful gases which are in concentration under 1,000ppm.

You can only check an explosive gas with the help of either an infrared sensor or the catalytic sensor. Your normal gas could be more explosive when it reaches the maximum levels, which means you will need technology that can detect different gases. With gas detectors, you'll be able to discover problems if any in advance and keep the risks in check.

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8 Things You Didn't Know You Needed Until The Semester Started

Belated college essentials.

After you have endured your first semester of college, there are essential things you start to realize you, unfortunately, left off of your enormous shopping list in the beginning. This semester is your chance to get it right.

Ranging from subscriptions you should be on the lookout for to items that seem so minuscule until you actually need them, this is a list of belated college essentials I have compiled for you.

1. Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping, access to Amazon video, and it’s free for the first six months? What better way to spend money that you don’t have?

2. The Spotify premium/Hulu package

THIS IS A GODSEND. Music streaming and show streaming, a match made in heaven. All for just $5 a month because you’re a student.

3. Water filter

After alternating with my roommate and literally buying a case of water for our room every other week, we decided we’d rather not spend our hard earned coins on buying a 24 pack of water bottles so often when we can have an unlimited supply in our floor sink.

The problem with that was I’d rather die than drink tap water from the sink of the very bathroom that I won’t even walk barefoot in. So, we bought a Brita filter and have been happy and hydrated ever since.

4. Air Wick plugin

Whether it be the scent of sleep sweat or whatever flavor of wings you decided to try last night for dinner, dorm room smells are a thing. They are those smells that become “one with the room” if you don’t do something about it. That perfect and efficient something is an Air Wick plugin. They are the best on the market for the simple fact that they actually WORK (screw you Glade).

Ever since getting one of these (the Fresh Laundry scent aka an actual slice of heaven) the first thing people comment on when they walk into my dorm room is how good it smells.

5. Ramen

STOCK UP ON EXTRA RAMEN. I cannot say it enough. Do it for undergrad culture if not for your own benefit. I came into the semester thinking one case was going to be enough. I then visited home and miraculously came back with 3 more cases. On those days when you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your dorm to find something remotely edible in the dining hall, Ramen will be there for you.

6. Baby wipes

Trust me, they come in handy. A little on the personal side, sometimes there’s a level of clean that toilet paper just cannot get you. They are also great for freshening up in the middle of the day when all that sweat starts to build up. Hygiene is still important ladies and gents!

7. Bluetooth speaker

Sometimes, listening to your music at a normal volume is not enough. A portable Bluetooth speaker is also great for outings, small parties, or just on the go beats.

8. Batteries

Simple, right? Wrong. We use so many things that are battery operated (mostly toiletries) and forget that completely until the batteries in your electric toothbrush are dead and you’re forced to do it the manual way (honestly, boohoo). My roommate and I each bought huge packs of different batteries (triple and double) and have them on hand for whenever the moment comes.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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