Why Wearing Makeup Helps Increase My Self-Esteem

Why Wearing Makeup Helps Increase My Self-Esteem

I've Gone Without It, And I Just Feel Better With It

I have been wearing makeup since I was about 15. At first, it was just a little bit of mascara, but then the amount of makeup I wore escalated. When I was going into my junior year of high school I was 16. This is when I started to cake my face in makeup. I thought it made me look better, but then I began to realize that caking my face in makeup was not what made me look better, it was my self-esteem. My self-esteem went up when I was wearing all of that makeup, but recently, about 6 months ago, I began to wear just one layer of light makeup. It still made me feel beautiful, even though I wasn’t wearing much of it. I realized that even just the littlest bit of makeup can help your self-esteem.

Some days I don’t even wear makeup because I realized that I can be beautiful without it. Makeup is good for when you want to boost your self-esteem, but don’t feel like you have to cake your face in makeup to look beautiful. Makeup is just a way you can make yourself feel better about how you look, and once you feel more confident, you can either start wearing less of it or just know that even without it, you look beautiful. I have been insecure about how my face look since I started wearing makeup when I was 15. I didn’t like how it looks because I felt like I was not pretty enough. This is when I started to wear some mascara, but after a year I didn’t feel like that was enough. So I started to put bb cream, then powder and cake my face with it. I felt like it made me prettier. I was wrong. The increase in confidence is what made me prettier, not the large amount of makeup I applied to my face.

Since then I have learned that even with just a bit of makeup I can help increase my confidence. Less makeup if better for your skin anyways. Nowadays I just put on makeup in 5 minutes and I still feel just as beautiful as I did when I took 30 minutes. But now I wear less makeup and waste less of my time, yet my confidence is higher than ever. In the past I was worried I would not look good when wearing little to no makeup, but now I know either way I look beautiful. And being confident helps with that. If I wasn’t confident I would’ve never been able to leave the house without makeup. I now love my face the way it is, but I still enhance it by wearing a bit of makeup just because it makes me feel better about going out. If you feel like you’re not pretty enough without makeup, you’re probably wrong, because you can be pretty without makeup. Using makeup to boost your confidence is a good idea, though. Using makeup enhances your face and shows you how naturally pretty you are.

Cover Image Credit: angelikaroxx.tumblr.com

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43 College Student Discounts That Are Actually Worth Your Trouble

With this list of student discounts, you're bound to no longer be that stereotypical broke college student.

One word comes to mind when you think of a college student: broke.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case! As a college student, there are many discounts or free things you can partake in! Jump into that bandwagon and you won’t fall into the math equation of college student = broke.

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So thank the Lord for:

Online Discounts

It's the digital age, so it's no surprise that everything everyone needs is accessible right at your fingertips! Here's some websites that offer specialties to college students!

1. Free Amazon Prime (2 day shipping) for 6 months

Get that textbook or exciting package in only 2 days!

2. Free access to HBO GO

When you run out of shows to watch on Netflix, just head on over to HBO GO and there you GO!

3. Free Office 365!

Use Office 365 to take notes for class or to make the coolest Powerpoint Presentation out there! Best part of it all is that it’s ALL FREE!

4. Spotify Premium for ONLY $4.99 a month!

We all love to listen to music so why not subscribe to Spotify Premium for that perfect combo of NO ADS, NO LIMITS, and JUST MUSIC?


This is the ULTIMATE website for college student discounts. Through an account with this website you’ll have access to many other discounts such as Apple Music for $4.99 a month (half off the original price per month)!

Clothing Discounts

It's a hard knock life being a college student because you constantly want to buy new clothes but you have to limit yourself so that you don’t end up broke. Luckily, there are stores out there who are understanding of your situation.

6. Topshop

10% off online and in-store

7. Necessary Clothing

20% discount on purchases of $100 or more

8. Club Monaco

20% off in store

9. Banana Republic

15% off in store

10. Ann Taylor

15% off in store

11. JCrew

15% off in store with a college ID or 15% off online via your .edu email

12. Eddie Bauer

Each location offers their own special discount, but as long as you bring your college ID, you’re bound to receive that discount!

13. Eastern Mountain Sports

20% off items at full-price in store

14. Charlotte Russe

Certain Charlotte Russe locations offer 10% off your total purchase!

15. Juicy Couture

Certain Juicy Couture locations offer a luxurious 15% off your purchase(s)!

16. ASOS

10% off purchases made online at full value

17. Boohoo

35% off your purchase! That’s right, you heard me… 35% OFF!

18. Madewell

15% off in store when you flash your ID!

19. Forever 21

10% off purchases made online at full value

20. Levi’s

15% off online and in-store!

21. Express

15% off online and in-store!

22. Ralph Lauren

Participating stores offer 15% off your purchase! Just ask at the register!


No outfit is complete without that perfect pair of shoes or wallet or whatever you desire! There are stores out there who want you to pop out in your fullest glam so fortunately, they'll provide you with a discount!

23. Kate Spade

If you show your student ID, you can get 15% off! That's a major difference considering how high prices can get at Kate Spade.


Free shipping on all orders and for every pair of shoes you buy, they'll donate a pair of shoes to children in need! (DOUBLE BONUS: You're saving money and helping out!)

25. Sally Beauty Supply

As a college student, you can get access to a Beauty Student Card. This card opens the door to exclusive deals at Sally Beauty Supply!

26. Alex and Ani

Everyone loves to shop at Alex and Ani, whether it’s for themselves or for a friend. Lucky for you, you can use your college ID to get 10% off all full-price purchases!


Let’s be real here, you can’t get through college without the necessary technological equipment. So here are some ways to access that technology without breaking the bank!


When you buy a Mac, you can save up to $300 and get complimentary BEATS wireless headphones! If you buy an iPad Pro, you can save up to $20 and get complimentary BEATS wireless headphones as well! What a deal, considering you’ll get a double bonus of a laptop or iPad Pro along with some nice, quality headphones!

28. Best Buy

Exclusive BEST BUY deals for college students! Head on over to Best Buy to get that TV for your dorm or printer you’ve been needing for a special price they offer only to you because of your college status.

29. SONY

Head on over to the Sony Education Store and get that 10% college student discount!

30. Norton Security

Norton offers a free 90-day trial! Get that protection you need for your computer so that it lasts for years to come!


We all know that the best part of being a college student is getting all those discounts for your favorite foods!

31. Chipotle

Get a free drink with the purchase of a meal! No need to sneak soft drinks into water cups anymore!

32. Chick-Fil-A

Get a free drink with the purchase of a meal! Seems like Chick-Fil-A is jumping on Chipotle’s bandwagon!

33. Dunkin Donuts

Participating locations will give you the opportunity to get 10% off!

34. Burger King

10% off participating locations

35. Buffalo Wild Wings

Many locations offer 10% off so feel free to ask!

36. Arby’s

10% off your meal purchase(s)!

37. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen values college students with their special “Student Meal Deal” along with varying discounts based on location.

38. McDonald’s

You can never go wrong with McDonald’s so lucky for you cause you can get 10% off your meal!

39. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s

Based on your pizza pie, you can get 10-20% off!

40. Domino’s

Certain locations offer discounts so ask yours if they do!

41. Qdoba

You can snag a $5 student burrito here! You can also get a free drink with any purchase!

42. Taco Bell

Make your cheap meal cheaper with 10% off at participating locations!

43. Subway

Feeling healthy? Head on over to Subway for that 10% discount at participating locations.

With this guide in your back pocket, head on over to your favorite store or favorite restaurant and spend away!

Cover Image Credit: New York 1

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10 Games You Need To Have For Your Summer Events

Try one of these games for your next trip.

Everyone loves a good card game or board game and what better to do if you are at the lake or beach and it starts raining? Games are also good just to pass the time if you're bored and with some friends. Here is a list of fun card and board games for you to try out this summer.

1. Cards Against Humanity

I'm sure most people have already heard of this game and have probably played it but it's certainly a game you play with your friends. Maybe just don't play with your parents... Get it at Target for $25. They also have expansion packs.

2. What Do You MEME?

This is very similar to CAH but definitely worth it. Get it at Walmart for $35.99.

3. Scattergories

A fun game to play on teams or everyone against everyone. Get it at Target for $12.96.

4. Trouble

An oldie but a goodie this game is a classic but is still super fun. Get your group of three (plus you) and see who can beat trouble. Find it at Walmart for $9.99.

5. Playing Cards

You can play so many games with just a regular set of playing cards. Golf, stress, poker, 9's, and rummy are some examples of the different games you can play. Find them pretty much everywhere.

6. Phase Ten

It's pretty self-explanatory but it's super fun to play. Who can get the tenth phase first? Find it at Walmart for ~$5.99.

7. Clue

Another classic that is still so much fun. If you don't have it I highly recommend you get it. Find it at Walmart for $8.77.

8. Watch Ya Mouth

If you haven't seen peoples videos on facebook this game is hilarious. Just make sure you wash the mouthpieces after the game is over. Get it at Walmart for ~$15.99.

9. UNO

One more classic game for the list. Everyone loves UNO and you can grab it Walmart for only $4.99.

10. That's What She Said

If you couldn't tell by the name this one can get a little crazy. It's super fun and easy to play like CAH but is meant to be taken a little... differently. Find it at Target for $25.

Try any of these games over summer and you're sure to have a blast!

Cover Image Credit: Brandy Melville/Instagram

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