Why We All Should Be Thankful For Planet Earth
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Why We All Should Be Thankful For Planet Earth

We have but one planet to call home.

Why We All Should Be Thankful For Planet Earth

The earth provides a copious supply of resources for all life, but not exclusive or biased to any organism. Unlike the political troubles that plague today’s society, our natural world is never fighting itself, but rather fighting for its own life. It should be no shock to hear that the consequences of our years of industrial progress and thirst for “bigger and better” mechanics have only impeded the healthy development of our planet by discharging gaseous toxins and harmful byproducts into our ecosystem. In this manner, we have changed the course of revolutionary history for many species of animals and are now tasked with cleaning our mess up. Earth never asked to be taken advantage of, but rather has always been our “mother nature”; Caring, loving, and protective of her reckless children. If we look at the big picture, this planet is not ours, but rather is a borrowed lodge. One that expects us to clean up after ourselves when we have checked out. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to reverse any harm that we may have caused to our planet by no longer being bystanders to the greatest crime of history. To start creating change, we must first appreciate the innumerable beautiful things our plant has offered so that we could start becoming the stewards of the earth we were always meant to be and help maintain its timeless beauty. Below are just a few…

The Original Muse of Art

Countless artists have been inspired by our planet’s beauty. Although their attempts are filled with the best intentions, we cannot recreate the eloquence and fine details that are made naturally in our world. Such complex structures include our bodies and all their life processes, to the stars that illuminate the night sky.


Without oceans, we would not have the water we drink, the food we eat, or everyday products that are transported via the oceans. Ninety-seven percent of the water on planet earth is contained in our oceans, and for this reason it is considered the lifeblood of our planet. Not to mention, it is the home of innumerable beautiful species of aquatic organisms.


On one hand, plants provide us with the necessary oxygen we need to survive and on the other, they also contribute to our food supply by providing many nutrients in our foods. More importantly, we can also derive many medicinal uses from plants, this is especially true in developing countries.


Animals are the backbone to Earth’s environments, they not only to serve as aids to plants by exhaling carbon dioxide byproducts of cellular respiration, but they also help pollinate flowers, predate upon other animals and plants and lastly, serve as food for micro and macro-organisms when they die.


The sky is something we don’t usually think of when going about our busy days, but it is always there. When we pinpoint one of the reasons why this planet is viable, we come to the atmosphere. Not only does it block some of the sun’s dangerous rays it also traps heat, which nowadays is backfiring with our increased air pollution.


Not only should we chase sunsets on the beach, we should also be grateful to have a sun which not only allows our plants to grow, it also provides us with a blanketing warmth.


Without the familiar spring and summer scents that many multicolored aromatic flowers provide, we would not welcome these sunny seasons with as much happiness as we normally do. Not only are they exuberantly beautiful, they are also used to direct pollinators, which allows for them to produce an even more miraculous creation, the fruit.


Without oxygen, we would not be able to habituate this planet. It is a key factor in our metabolic processes and should never take it for granted as not only is it free, it gives us and many other aerobic organisms life.


It may not be immediately obvious, but rocks have been a major part of our everyday lives. They can be used for multipurpose uses in construction, or on a more minor scale as an abrasive in hand soap. Nevertheless, rocks can have an even more studious use as historical records that give clues of what earth was like long ago. Not to mention precious rocks that have a special meaning of representing a life with your best friend. Yes, I am talking diamonds.


The feeling of grass and its characteristic emerald hue adds to its already remarkable benefits. These benefits include soil stability, so that it reduces erosion from wind and water; cool the air, this is done through transpiration as heat energy is directed onto it. One of the most important benefits is that it takes us dust, pollutants, and particulate matter from the air, acting as a natural air filter of sorts.


Oxygen proves to be what these remarkable creations do best, and it also happens to be what we need to remove the carbon dioxide emissions that we have so carelessly created with our various polluting methods. Therefore, trees deserve an enormous thank you from our part, as we are ever in debt with their generous life giving oxygen.

Distance from the sun

If it weren’t for the seemingly perfect distance of 92.96 million miles that we are from the sun, we would all be toast. (literally)

Sea turtles

Regal creatures of the sea. Also, who doesn’t love turtles?

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