Reasons to Watch "Cells at Work"

Before sitting down to write this, I did a quick search to see if anyone else decided to write about this show, and came up woefully empty (Anime articles in general are sparse... Get on it, fellow nerds of Odyssey!), so to aid this travesty, I'll write about it myself, and hopefully more articles will spawn, or at least I'll have more people to talk about it with.

1. It's informative


Okay, so learning cooties aren't for everyone, but there are people out there who love learning about stuff while being entertained, and "Cells at Work" does its job. I'm not even a biology major and I know the names of a bunch of different white blood cells and what their job in the body is.

2. At the same time, it's also entertaining


So yeah, it's infotainment, but what separates "Cells at Work" from your run of the mill human physiology documentary is that it's fun to watch. It's hard to think you're being tricked into learning when you're watching White Blood Cell literally fight all the pathogens and all the cells banding together like badasses to save their world from seemingly apocalyptic issues that seem small scale to us.

3. We can relate to cells of all things.


The main Red Blood Cell is always getting lost as a running gag, but really, who hasn't messed up early in a new job when you're still figuring out what you're doing? A naive T Cell wants to impress his seniors, but is scared of messing up. That's the story of nearly everyone's life, isn't it? And when your BFF is determined to succeed, wouldn't you want to do what you can to support them, like White Blood Cell with red? We're not only learning about the human bodies and watching epic germ battles, but we can see ourselves in these characters.

4. The Ah-ha moments from those who know a lot about the body.

Of course, this would be a great show for bio majors, med students, and chronically ill people who know way more medical jargon than most people outside the field like myself. There's always that satisfaction of "hey, I know about that" or "I've experienced that before" and seeing it in a more fun or epic way. I personally laughed out loud at a steroid-droid in the show that eradicated the problem of the week, but at the same did a lot of other damage. It's funny because it's true... How? That's another story for another time.

5. The Relationship Between Red and White Blood Cell


Okay, it's a little weird to ship cells (But fellow anime fans, let's be honest... There are people out there that have shipped COUNTRIES) but Red and White Blood Cell have such a genuine friendship throughout the show (Although he's always rescuing her from whatever germ) The support each other! They're genuinely interested in each other's jobs! Really, they just have great chemistry. Their dynamic is wonderful to watch.

The Platelets


They're just adorable. See for yourself.

So, a show that's full of action, tricks you into learning, and has characters one could get emotionally invested in, even if they're cells. What are you waiting around for? Go watch it, it's on Netflix!

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