Why was 911 Proxy Permanently Closed?
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Why was 911 Proxy Permanently Closed?

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Why was 911 Proxy Permanently Closed?

If you were a subscriber of 911. re, or were a regular customer with an active membership, or even just visited their website, you should get informed that 911. re is closing its doors. And not just closing down to reopen the next day, but permanently.

Internet marketers find the story saddening, and many have flocked to well-known Internet marketing forums to express their resentment and anger about why the business will shut down in such a manner.

Some people are upset because they have new proxies and believe 911 Proxy utilized them as a ruse. Others speak up because they believe the 911S5 Proxy is the only viable option.

While some people have changed and are yearning for something else, few are interested in what happened behind the scenes. For the majority, the service is effective; they do not need to inquire. And now that it is not working, they are worried about finding a replacement so they can continue using the 911 S5 Proxy.

But since they are unaware of what happened, they might switch providers. Therefore, we have tried to explain what happened.

A description of the 911.re S5 Proxy Service:

A home proxy service with IPs in around 190 nations worldwide is called 911 S5. Through the proxy client provided by this service, you can access their service. The proxy client is only compatible with Windows; you cannot utilize the service if you don't own Windows.

If you do, you can still access the service by using port forwarding. Generally speaking, this is thought to be, at best inconvenient.

This service says it has millions of IP addresses available from all around the world. The most intriguing thing is that they assert that their service is moral.

The service features an excellent pricing structure that is quite affordable and a developer-friendly API. You can currently purchase 150 proxies for $22 with lifetime validity up until you use them.

One of the proxy services allows you to port-forward web requests, keep a list of prohibited websites, regulate the headers transmitted, have a list of user personal information, and perform many more advanced tasks that most standard proxy services do not provide is this one.

This is why there was uproar when the service's closure was announced. But the more you search, the less you find.

What Caused 911. re to Terminate Its Service?

It's possible that the real reason the 911. re proxy service was shut down and hasn't been made public yet. There are, however, two sides to every story. There are two versions: the one they told you about and the one you may figure out yourself.

Revision of the 911 Proxy Story:

The information on their homepage shifted from the ordinary stuff to the narrative they wanted us to hear when it was officially offline. They had a hacker visit, which resulted in data damage on their server.

They contend that their service had to be permanently shut down because the data destruction was crucial to its operation. They posted that defense on their homepage three days later, but nothing was there when users checked it out again.

The website is no longer available because they removed it. What motivated them to remove their own justification for closing down? There are numerous consumers that purchased them with active proxies, and these customers did not receive a refund. Don't they at least require a justification for shutting down?

Or are they thinking of a more compelling excuse to shut down? Or was it just a clever exit scam? Users have many unanswered questions, but that is a topic for another day.


The number of IP pools in the service declines shortly after this incident significantly. Users must have read the article and begun uninstalling program remnants from their PCs. And as a result, the number of IPs in their pool quickly decreased. A person with access to more than 800 IPs can now see just a little over 100, according to public information on Twitter.

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