The Fab 5 are making a comeback with the new Netflix show, "Queer Eye." Formally known as "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy," the new "Queer Eye" has evolved into a show about more than just five gay men making over straight men. The show now features men and women, gay or straight, in the South that are nominated by friends and family for a lifestyle change. This involves changes to their house, wardrobe, hairstyle, confidence, and self-care, each taken care of by a specific member of the Fab 5.

This show has the ability to capture your attention and not let go. From the moment I started watching it, I was hooked on the Fab 5 and the stories they told through each person they met. I absolutely love this show and encourage everyone to make this show a top priority. And not just to break the cycle of watching The Office over and over again (like me), but to really invest in something bigger and see the changes these five gay men can make in someone's life that may not accept them at first for who they are and who they love.

Here are nine reasons I am becoming obsessed with Queer Eye, and why I think you will too.

1. Antoni

Food and Wine.

Antoni is the cutest chef on planet Earth. I love this man not only because he is absolutely adorable, but because of the love and support he shows to the Hero's by pushing them to do something for themselves through cooking. He gives them valuable lessons on how to entertain and eat better, opening them up to new opportunities and lifestyle choices they can make every day. Antoni gives confidence through the ability to cook, which I love.

2. Bobby


Bobby's ability to change a person's life through design is nothing short of amazing. He gives the Heroes a do-over in a way, giving them they kind of home that they and their families deserve. Think "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" but better. By giving the Hero's what feels like a new home in their old space, he is giving them a fresh start to begin their new lives on the right foot.

3. Jonathan

Hair and Skin Care.

I don't even know where to begin with Jonathan. He is a star on the show but one that makes everyone around him shine a little brighter too. He is always the first to remind the Heroes of their worth and throws everyone compliments left and right. Even though Jonathan gives out a lot of compliments, they are never fake or forced. He is as genuine as they come and never fails to make me smile as I watch the show. By giving the hero's a new look and self-care routine, he reminds them to show themselves off and to always take a few minutes of themselves because they are worth it.

4. Karamo


Karamo is the guiding light for the Heroes. He offers advice, confidence and a little push when necessary to make the Heroes the best that they can be. Karamo always seems to say the right things that the Heroes need he hear. From planning proposals to organizing ways to get active, to pushing a comedian to have more confidence on stage by planning a surprise gig, and so much more, Karamo is the man for the job. He is tough when he needs to be but is always there to give the Heroes a hug and some encouragement. He really makes an impact on everyone that he meets.

5. Tan


A fashion icon in himself, Tan dresses every Hero to impress. The thing I love most about Tan is that he never pushes anyone into taking huge fashion risks that they aren't comfortable with. He is realistic in his expectations of the Heroes and takes their original style and elevates it. He gives them reasonable and simple outfits that show the people around the Heroes that they are making an effort and care about themselves and those around them to do it. This gives off confidence inside and out, which I really love. It is crazy how pants that fit and a nice jacket can really change a person for the better. Plus, thanks to Tan, I now know what a French Tuck is!

6. The Heroes

The Heroes is really what "Queer Eye" is about. These are people who have been nominated by the people around them who are concerned and want better for their friend, husband, wife, etc. Some of them need an extra push to get out of their shell, while others need a complete lifestyle change to get their life back on track. Each person is different but are all united under the fact that they need help in one way or another to better their lives.

7. The Stories

Each story on "Queer Eye" is unique. One guy needs help to impress the love of his life, another needs help coming out to his family, another is having a hard time growing up and pursing his dreams, a woman needs help getting out of a rut after beating cancer and another man does everything he can for others but nothing for himself. These are real people with real struggles that we can all relate to on some level, which makes the show even better.

8. The Lessons

"Queer Eye" comes packed with hidden lessons in every episode. In an interview, Tan said, "The original show was fighting for tolerance. Our fight is for acceptance." To do this, the show takes place in the South where, stereotypically, they are less accepting of people who are gay. The show runs into some of these stereotypes while filming, with most of the Heroes admitting that at one point they didn't accept the gay community or never met anyone who was gay but now have a real love and different point of view on those who are different than them.

One episode shows a Hero asking Bobby "who is the wife" in his marriage to his husband. To this, Bobby and Jonathan have an open conversation with him about how that is outdated and not an accurate representation of modern marriage. In another episode, Karamo, a black man, has a long conversation with one of the Hero's, who is a Trump supporting policeman.

Karamo explains how he was nervous about working with him and very apprehensive about their meeting due to all the tension between the black community and cops throughout the country. This talk opened a dialog between the two and they were able to get to know each other more which resulted in both feeling more comfortable, not only with each other, but with the relationship between the two communities. Karamo says that he feels a little better knowing that there are cops out there like this Hero who are good people and are willing to fight for what is right, while the Hero mentions that he wishes policemen and those who feel threatened by them could sit down and talk to understand each other better and realize that both sides are more alike than different.

The fact that this show can tackle so many issues at once is amazing and really opens everyone's eyes to the fact that we are all just people, no matter what seems different between us.

9. The Realness

"Queer Eye" is by far one of the realest reality-type shows I have ever watched. The relationships that are built are real, between the Fab 5 themselves and the Heroes, the results are real and the tears that stream down my face at the end of every episode are definitely real. The Heroes are truly grateful for everything that the Fab 5 has given them and seeing them become accepting of these five men is really beautiful to watch. If you are looking for real, pure-hearted T.V., then Queer Eye is for you.

So cheers to this beautiful, amazing, Emmy nominated show!