Fellas, Trust Me When I Say The Suit Still Matters
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Fellas, Trust Me When I Say The Suit Still Matters

Check yourself. Check your closet.

Fellas, Trust Me When I Say The Suit Still Matters
William Pattee

I know that Mark Zuckerburg sticks to jeans and a t-shirt.

Yes, I'm also aware that Steve Jobs was dedicated to his jeans and turtleneck.

These two men are among the wealthiest people in the world.

But, I'm here to argue that your tailored clothing - your suits, and dress shirts, and ties - are still both viable and optimal in most work environments. These casually dressed billionaires are not only not synonymous with a successful image, but they are outliers.

While I'm certain that there are more people than Jobs and Zuckerburg that have accumulated wealth in denim, they are my best and most recent models of successful figures who do not dress in the same clothing that society views as powerful and accomplished. Those garments would be suits, ties, leather shoes, etc. But, before I continue, let me say that I am not here to detract from their success or how these people achieved it. Nowhere in this article will I implore the CEO of Facebook to change his sartorial preferences. But unless you fit into the same financial tier as the aforementioned people, I am indeed referring to you. Ladies, I can't attest to your work wardrobe, but if you're reading this, pass the link onto someone who needs to hear this.

In contrast to these modern trends of casually dressed workplaces, a major portion of career fields will provide not only provide a dress code but provide a code that asks men to do at least a shirt and tie. It may even be a full suit. There is a reason for this.

The reason is that, despite modern trends, the suit is still largely viewed as one of the most presentable, composed, and successful menswear garments available. This is the garment that was designed for making impressions and has been modified and developed over hundreds of years to ensure it does just that.

The number one reason, in my observations and experience, that men don't dress up more often is because they feel the clothing is stuffy or uncomfortable. To their credit, it can be, But at the same time, tailored wear done correctly can result in garments and outfits that are as comfortable as that pair of sweatpants that you love but would never leave the house in. You know the pair. In order to want to wear these garments, you need to feel good in them, physically and mentally. The way everything fits comes before everything else.

A well-fitting suit is something that is easy on paper, detailed in practice, and timeless in value. It's all something you could observe for yourself without experience: Trousers that don't have too much slack at the hem, shoulders that hug your own, and jacket sleeves that leave a little shirt showing are all basic and paramount guidelines to follow. Fitting your suit will help you want to wear it to work and then some. But the benefits of a fitting suit don't stop at your physical comfort. Getting your suit tailored affects other people, too.

When you wear something that doesn't look sloppy or ill-fitting, you subtly and effectively tell people around you that pay attention to the impressions you make, including your wardrobe. It accentuates your best physical features without drowning or constricting you. It tells people that you are in charge of your clothing, and not the other way around. This is partially why there are men who wear suits beyond the office and formal events.

Whether you appreciate it or not, your clothing says something about you. The things that are said are not always definitively good or bad - clothing and style are subjective. However, there are still objective parameters that society agrees on, though they do become wider as time and fashion continue.

So, next time you're on your way to an interview, or a date, or just meeting new people, make sure you're saying good things about yourself. You don't even need to speak.

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