Why The First Month of College Isn't Always Easy For an Over-involved Student

Why The First Month of College Isn't Always Easy For an Over-involved Student

Meeting, class, meeting, training, what's next?


You've packed up the car, ready for a new semester; full schedule that seems to be okay in the class aspect and jam packed with clubs and organizations. You come to school, move in and start the year with a fresh mind, ready to go...only to realize the first month isn't all you expected. No, it's not quite you pictured.

It seems as though every club and organization wants to meet on the same week, same day and time right? Meeting after meeting it seems. From class to meetings, you can't catch a break.

Syllabus week is great, until classes go full force... with every club going full force too. Everyone wants to get organized. Professors, E-board members (yes, that includes yourself), staff and everyone under the sun. The first month is more of an adjustment period than you think.

Trying to get ahead in class work isn't really possible when you can't even keep track of your daily schedule at times. Maybe it's the classes that might not have been the best choice or the times you picked.

How do you get a social life you may ask? You have to make the time, and sacrifice putting off work until last minute or staying up until 2:00 AM just to get ahead, so you can go out on the weekends.

I wish it was October or November. Why? Yes, sweater weather, but also because things start to settle down and become more collective, and everyone, including yourself, has figured out how the semester and or year will go down.

Would I be less involved? No, because I love every club and organization I am in, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Busy schedule? Bring it on.

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