Needless to say, the 2016 campaign for the President of the United States has been a never-ending source of material for online comedy. From the "Bernie's Dank Memes" stash to the countless GIFs of Trump's mid-debate reactions, constructing a list of the funniest moments of the campaign has proven quite a task. However, to follow is my best effort to put such a list together. Here's to hoping politics continue to make the Internet great again.

1. When Hillary pulled a Lois in the first Democratic debate:

When asked about her suspicious connections to Wall Street, Clinton responded by saying she "supported Wall Street during 9/11. When we were attacked, where were we attacked? In lower Manhattan, where Wall Street is." Eerily similar to the episode of Family Guy where Lois Griffin runs for Mayor and wins the crowd over by randomly mentioning 9/11 out of context.

2. Watergate 2016

As a Florida native, I can attest to the fact that we Floridians survive by drinking a lot of water. I can also attest to the fact that Senator Rubio has done nothing good for the state.

3. When Ted Cruz's wife blew his cover:

Someone find out if Sigourney Weaver is safe. Immediately.

4. The back and forth of politics:

Just...whatever is going on here. Who did this? Thank you. It's like some sort of magical metronome.

5. Chillary Clinton

Remember when Hillary used vine to tell us she was "just chillin' in Cedar Rapids"?

6. Please clap

Sheesh Jeb, talk about asking for approval.

7. Sigh...

Who thought this was a good idea for a logo? Can we all agree that Jeb's campaign is like that guy from SpongeBob who's always breaking his leg? He's just trying to live.

8. Brain surgery

At least we always have Dr. Ben Carson, former neurosurgeon, to remind us of the real issues in this election. That is, when he's awake.

9. Making Snapchat great again:

Someone saw the opportunity and took it. Let's be honest, this whole post could have been Trump GIFs, but I wanted to make sure we remember there are other people running too.

10. Complete dankness:

And finally, the continuing saga of Bernie/Hillary memes. Here's a meme about memes...a memeception, if you will.

Looking forward to many more moments to capture as the circus that is American politics continues to unfold.