A while ago, I wrote an article about what I as an education major think about while in the shower. It's true, I do think about those things while in the shower. But I also think of other things while there as well. This has led me to think about this thing: why do I take long showers? It has been a thing with me since I was little. My showers tend to range from 10 minutes to maybe even 20 minutes depending on what I do (if I decide to shave my legs that shower is a big factor).

The last shower that I took, I was thinking a lot. As well as potentially using up all of the hot water so I'm sorry, Sam. But while in there, a thought came to my mind.

Why do I take very long showers? Is it because I think a lot? Is it because I have an intricate shower routine? Is it just because I like standing in the hot water?

The answer is all three.

As a female, we don't just wash our hair, wash our body, and then call it a day. We have to deal with a variety of things and we care for our bodies differently than the male of the species. Wow, I really said that with my whole chest. But it's true.

Along with that, a lot of my ideas for things come while standing in the shower. I don't know why, but it is a thing. Where do you think I came up with my thoughts education major have while taking a shower article? Where did I come with the idea for this article? In the shower. I probably came up with almost all of my article ideas from this year in the shower.

So that is my conclusion as to why I take very long showers. As to the standing in hot water part, I don't know I just like the feeling of it. Don't judge me.