I miss having an extensive break of free days, free of responsibilities. Summer break used to be the two and a half months that I dreamed of planning out my vacation and lazy days. Once graduating high school, that completely changed the definition of summer break for me. The cycle of growing up came through and changed everything.

Responsibilities build up once you grow up, they accumulate in ways that you can't imagine. I always figured I would have to deal with the same responsibilities as my parents once I reached a certain age, however, it came sooner than I thought. I'm a year and a half away from graduating, my recent priorities have been to seek employment or internships that relate to my major, in order to graduate without the fear of unemployment, which is a big issue many college grads deal with today. Many college students like myself also have to deal with bills that eventually won't pay for themselves.

Another of my current main priorities, of course, is college. In order for myself and others to finish on time, summer classes are required. I no longer have the time to plan out a decent vacation if I don't plan it accordingly, around my classes. I know certain students that have taken 9 credits during summer and work full time, those are the real MVPS . Summer break is no longer a long break, as long as you plan accordingly and not spontaneously.

Eventually, after college, summer still won't be a break due to work. I guess that's the cycle of adulthood. So far I've learned to make vacation plans in months that aren't common to take vacations on (which BTW is highly beneficial; money wise) and learned how to be flexible. Adulthood has its pro's and con's, however, I'll still miss those lazy, responsibility-free summer days. So long summer break, I'll miss you old pal.

P.s Don't try to grow up fast, it's a trap.