Writing down dreams inspires you in more ways than one. I'm not just talking about writing down your goals and aspirations, I am talking about writing down your actual dreams! This habit can serve as a timeline for understanding how you are feeling at a moment in your life, as well as create hilarious and interesting things to read later in life. After writing down my dreams for the past year, I have noticed I remember my dreams much more often, and that my dreams, a lot of the time, are a clear dissection of how I am feeling during that period of time. I have enjoyed looking back on the notebooks full of my dreams, reading them and trying to understand how my brain came up with that dream. Dreams can be realistic or completely fictional, but no matter what, they feel so incredibly real. I think that is something that is so amazing and is worth noting.

Here are some reasons you should be writing down your dreams!

1. With life being so fast paced, sometimes thoughts, memories and reflections of one's own feelings can be lost.

2. Because of this, writing down your dreams gives you a moment to think about your internal self and why you may have had that dream.

3. Writing down your dreams can influence your mind to have lucid dreams which is where you can actually control what you are dreaming. I don't know about you, but super powers sound pretty cool!

4. Through remembering your dreams you create new memories within your self and your mind. You hear many people refer to a previous experience they have had but how awesome would it be to reference a dream you had as an explanation for something.

5. It's a good habit to get into if your trying to help yourself wake up in the morning. Sometimes, dreams can be forgotten within seconds of waking up. This means that someone who is trying to write their dreams down is motivated to get up and write down their experience. In doing so, you are forcing your tired brain to wake up and start the day!

6. It's important to reflect on the health of your dreams. If you can monitor when your internal self is feeling you can work towards being as mentally healthy as possible.

7. You can share your dreams with others.