Diagnosis: 'Scrubs' Mops The Floor With 'Grey's Anatomy' In Every Way

Diagnosis: 'Scrubs' Mops The Floor With 'Grey's Anatomy' In Every Way

"Grey's" is overly dramatic and far less accurate. "Scrubs" got it right.

People LOVE a good medical-drama. "The Resident," "House," and others are often among some of the most popular shows to be syndicated on television.

None of these could dare supersede the essentially ubiquitous "Grey's Anatomy," which has permeated essentially every aspect of popular culture in some form or another; I imagine we all have a friend who watches it to some extent, and another who binge watches it, taking in every second.

HOWEVER, there is a show that, while having a "meh" ending, was, in my opinion, better in virtually every aspect. The show? "Scrubs."

Now, this may not be the most "hot" take, but "Scrubs" has, in my opinion, something "Grey's" does not: consistently good comedy.

Yeah, it may be fairly low-brow humor at times, but the comedy makes the series more complete; it does not incessantly focus on dynamics or sensibilities the entire time, like "Grey's" seems to, but provides balance between the surreal (J.D.'s sometimes-sad-sometimes-hilarious fantasies), and the reality of working in a hospital. Plus, comedic relief is usually not bad, and is better than the constant melodrama.

That's another thing; "Scrubs" seems, to me, to be a more accurate presentation of hospital life.

Now, disclaimer: I work in a hospital, but nowhere near the same departments as either of these shows (and also am, as you could infer, not a doctor).

Furthermore, most shows that discuss medicine are fairly inaccurate to an extent. HOWEVER, "Scrubs" provides a setting and context that, in theory, seems at least "more" accurate. The relationships make more sense (at least between the doctors), the residents aren't as involved in every aspect of patient care, but still are involved (plus, they aren't switching from specialty to specialty seemingly every single day).

Another thing is that it focuses on the more mundane cases, rather than being overly dramatic for the sake of entertainment. Plus, when compared to other shows, what happens on "Grey's" is egregious (an easy example being not getting kicked out for putting a patient's life in danger!!!). I get keeping characters for plot's sake, but COME ON!!!!

Emotional sequences. Yes, "Grey's" is known for the melodrama. The poignancy of so many scenes in the show is never in doubt, but doesn't that ever become a cliche? A trite pattern? "Scrubs" does it better. The emotional sequences don't come as frequently, but when they do... They hit. Hard. I hate spoiling shows, so I won't mention anything in particular. There are portions of the show like when the residents experience their first patient deaths, loss of any patient in general, and the deaths of characters in the show that hit you at JUST the right time to be impacting.

So, back to the point; "Scrubs" surpasses "Grey's." Plot? Better. Drama? Not as overly saturated. Funny? Way funnier, as well as being at least a bit more realistic. This isn't even going into character development (which "Scrubs" is also better at) and some other facets which could've been delved into. Regardless, at the end of the day, it's Dr. J.D. over Dr. Grey.

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