Why Phil Dunphy is One of TV's Best Characters

Why Phil Dunphy is One of TV's Best Characters

"When life gives you lemons, make lemons. Life will be all like, whaaat?"


Modern Family has always been one of my favorite TV shows, from high school into college. It's easy to find a relatable character, from Alex to Mitch to Gloria, but Phil is definitely one of the best. Not only is Phil a hardworking family man, he goes out of his way to help others and tries his hardest to redeem his not-so-great qualities. If you disagree, here are some points to consider:

He's a great family man

He has a great taste in movies

He works hard

He is caring

He is funny

He is unpredictable (in a good way!)

He is practical

He loves his wife

He loves his kids

He's up on the current lingo

He's witty

He gives great advice

He's honest

He's in tune with emotions

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