For as long as I can remember attraction has always been the biggest thing when it comes to finding that someone. Sure, someone can be extremely good looking but if they don't have a personality how long is that relationship really going to last? I get it, attraction is somewhat important and that's all some people focus on but in the end it's the personality that wins someone over. For me personality has always been a big thing when it comes to guys, and looks matter somewhat I'll admit, but more so the personality. If a guys humorous, smart, confident, witty, out going, and nice they have my attention. It's all about the mental connection more so than the physical. Yes, physical is important but you have to be able to really establish that bond, friendship, and interaction with one another. If it's only physical related then you got an unbalanced relationship going on.

If you're just wanting some fun or a one night stand then the attraction is the go to but if you're looking for your potential wife/ husband the personality may be the thing that gets you hooked. Men and women think differently when it comes to this topic, I'll agree.

Ladies, raise of hands for those who have seen at least a season or two of the bacherolette / bachelor. I mean, don't you always have your favorites while watching the season and seeing how everyone interacts and whether or not there's a connection or just physical connection? I mean it may be TV but still; body language and emotions don't lie. I swear, I could pin point half of the men or women on there that it was all about physical and not so much mental. If you don't have that mental connection and understanding or just bond you might as well just be hook up buddies if you ask me.

Everyone maybe different and that's okay. Everyone is allowed to have their own preference on what makes them attracted to someone, but I think we all know that the personality wins in the long run because everything else seems to decrease when looking for your mate. People should like someone for them not just the looks and whatever else comes with them. Give it a shot you may find your one.