Why Am I Not Pretty

Why am I not pretty?

A question many people around the globe tweet, post and talk about in everyday life. In a society that claims that we are all "about personality" and "Inclusion", it seems that maybe some of us didn't get the memo so I wanted to address why I AM NOT PRETTY:

I am not pretty because I tell myself so. I look in the mirror and sigh at what I see. I see wrinkles and fat rolls and stretch marks that I cannot erase. I tell myself that these attributes are undesirable and these are the reasons people don't find me attractive. I post about my low self confidence on social medias, suctioning other females my age with this information so that I feel that my pain is valid. I hid behind a ruse of comedic lines and passive aggressive answers to settle my friends worries, to fall from a sad outcast to a hilarious self-deprecating activist. In a world of body confidence and self love I continue to hate myself but that doesn't me I don't love you of course, but still I am not pretty....because I told me so.

I am not pretty because other girls/boys look different than I do. I continue to compare myself to others with features that could not possibly be similar. I dismiss the idea of individual beauty to feed into the media gene-pool of two characteristics, skinny and skinny. I gaze upon magazine covers and music videos and find myself even more sad because these girls are who I desire to be, which is obviously not myself. I admire individuality and I can scream YAS girl to plus size models but still consider my own individuality below the ranks. I am not pretty because I think they are prettier.

I am not pretty.

If I say it in the mirror enough i'll start to believe it.

I am not pretty.

It's trendy to be self-deprecating until it causes actually issues.

I am not pretty.

I am not pretty.

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