Although I may go to school in Florida where it is always hot, I actually love the changing of the four seasons. Some people go through seasonal affective disorder in the winter months because of the cold weather and it drains their energy and alters their moods. Very few people go through this when they are stuck within the same season at all times; like if they live in a warmer climate. I can relate to this when it comes to not being able to experience the four seasons throughout the year.

Being from New York and being able to experience warmer and colder weather changes throughout the year is one of the best feelings. Nothing can compare to the crisp air that comes through right when the leaves start falling in autumn. When everyone is talking about autumn they think pumpkin spice, sweaters and the leaves falling. Well, that doesn't happen in Florida. The only way we drink pumpkin spice is if it's in an iced coffee, because it would be way too hot any other way. And our falling leaves, sometimes palm trees lose their leaves. Halloween and Thanksgiving is much better when you're in a colder climate.

As for the holidays in December, it is very awkward seeing all the movies on television where snow is falling when it's still hot enough out to go swimming in Florida. I miss the way you could smell the snow in the air right before it started coming down, especially when you're out shopping for holiday gifts. The colder weather in winter makes the holidays what they are meant to be.

With all of this being said, I can say that being without the four seasons is very difficult when they are all that you love. In Florida it's like experiencing spring and summer all year. The seasons are what make the holidays throughout the year what they are. Yes, I may go to school in a warmer climate but after all is done, I need to be somewhere that has all four seasons. Without these weather changes, the years feel empty like they are missing a big part of what they are. The four seasons make all 365 days different, and it makes each one special.