Within the last year, it seems as though the general public’s trust in mainstream media has drastically declined. This is due to the fact that we’ve reached a point in this country where the media shows an explicit bias in their reporting. The usual titans of media such as CNN, Fox, and The New York Times have reached a point where individuals are going elsewhere for their news. As these large sources of media fail, people are resorting to sources such as Youtube and Twitter for their news.

If you focus on the fact of old media failing, you will see that by the year 2019, digital advertising will make up the largest ad market with 39 percent of the market, while newspapers will only take up 10 percent. One reason for this is due to the way people are now getting their news online instead of buying newspapers or watching TV. The other possible reason for this trend is the way sources of mainstream media oftentimes choose to take a stance and show a bias. One of the cornerstones of journalism is sticking to the facts and not letting biases get in the way of getting the truth out. However, recently it seems as though journalistic integrity has taken a backseat to hypocrisy and biases.

As the country becomes increasingly divided, more and more news organizations are taking a side when it comes to their reporting. This isn’t what people want in their news. The general public would rather have sources that were honest and fair in their reporting. My prediction is that until these mainstream media organizations choose to start reporting the facts and stop showing a bias, new forms of media will take their place.