Growing up in southern Louisiana, I always knew I would go to LSU. When I was younger I'm pretty sure that I didn't even know other colleges existed because all I had ever heard about was LSU. The easiest decision I ever made was choosing what college to go to, but once I got there it was better than I ever could have imagined.

Mike The Tiger

LSU / Instagram

Does your school have a LIVE tiger on campus? Yeah, I didn't think so. Sure, you might have a dog or a cow (and before you ask yes, by cow I mean Longhorn) but you can find those literally anywhere. I think the only thing that would be better than Mike the Tiger would be if Bama brought back having a live elephant.

D-D Breaux

LSU Gymnastics / Instagram

Honestly, I could write an article on just D-D herself but I'll refrain. If you don't go to LSU or keep up with gymnastics then I'll fill you in on why D-D Breaux should be announced as a national treasure. First off, she has been at LSU since 1978 and has never lost her love and passion for the purple and gold. Second, she is the ultimate hype man, want proof? When LSU played Ole Miss in baseball Coach Breaux gave the boys a hype speech before the first game of the series…which is the only game we won that weekend, coincidence? I think not.


LSU / Instagram

All I have to say is, wow. You will never EVER see another fan base come close to the pre-gaming that LSU fans have. Some of these people have been tailgating in the same spot for over a decade, and they have a set up that is more livable than the dorms.


R.I.P. to the sign

Meredith Perniciaro

Every college has that one bar near campus that everyone goes to, but in true over the top LSU fashion, we have a whole block of bars. From Bogie's to Fred's there is a bar for everyone to enjoy. Just turned 18 and wanna get a feel for college after dark? Mike's is great for you. Are you an experienced partier but you're just a freshman? Reggie's all the way. Are you actually 21 and over the whole dancing on tables thing? Fred's for the win


Odell Beckham Jr. / Instagram

From sports to politics, LSU has produced people who are changing the world. Pistol Pete Maravich, Shaquil O'Neal, Skip Bertman, Odell Beckham Jr…these are just a few of the many athletes from LSU who changed the face of sports. We even have our very own Steve Scalise who is currently the Minority Whip in D.C. Some of your favorite athletes, actors, and politicians graduated from LSU so, from the whole LSU community, you are very welcome.