After experiencing in concert who I can only assume is the best of all live performers, Adele, in the live music capital of the World (Austin TX), I've decided that listening to music live is much better than on a recording. Artists put their heart and soul into records, and while buying or listening to them is important in showing that you love an artist, seeing someone in concert makes you appreciate their music on a totally different level.

Listening to someone in concert gives fans the chance to hear artists live and unaltered (normally). While recording studios can make somebody sound awesome, hearing their naturally talented voice is much more special. When you experience live performances you get the chance to witness the extent to which artists put their time and effort into their work, and you can appreciate/freak out about just how gifted they are. Those high notes and power pieces are nothing compared to their live versions!

Concert settings give artists a chance to be more personal with their fans, and can show a lot about their personalities. Cool and collected, quirky and awkward, if you don't see your fav artist live, you may never truly get to understand them or why they are the way they are. In concert, artists have time in between each song to share stories, goof off or tell why and how they wrote each song, giving you more insight into their lives. But not in a creepy way. Concerts offer a much more personal experience to fans as opposed to just listening to music on the internet or reading about them. In this setting, artists get to show off their talent while making themselves more down to earth and personable to their fans.

Supporting your favorite artists by going to their concerts is important in showing that you really are a fan. While buying music is the most common way to show support for an artist, seeing them perform live is an experience you will never get if you only buy music. Go see a show!