Why It's Important To Be Your Own Best Friend
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Why It's Important To Be Your Own Best Friend

Be the best friend for yourself that you would want someone to be for you.

Why It's Important To Be Your Own Best Friend

Something I have learned growing up is the life-shattering truth that no one else can make you happy but yourself. Other people including your spouse, partner, friend, parents, siblings, boyfriend, girlfriend or any family member will ever make you happy or whole. It is a bit of a depressing thought, but I believe right on the other side of this truth is something amazing.

It is not your job, hobbies, dreams, socioeconomic status or any other material object that will make you feel complete. What it all comes down to is you. None of these things will make anyone truly happy who has not come to terms with themselves.

I also want to be clear that this doesn’t have to do with if you have a lot of friends or only a select few, are married, single or are in a committed relationship. This entire concept still applies.

Becoming your own best friend isn’t a fluffy pep-talk, but essential to fulfilling your fullest potential. No matter who is coming and going in and out of your life the one person who always remains is yourself. The longest relationship you are going to have in life is the one you have with yourself. This is why it is so important to strengthen and develop the connection you have with yourself.

When you realize that you can’t count on anyone else for your own happiness it’s a revelation. From there you know you can’t rely on any other person or earthly possession, then it’s about investing in yourself and taking care of yourself.

This is how you become your own best friend by always looking out for yourself, doing what would be best for you and taking care of yourself. By taking the time and thought to learn about yourself, your fears, gifts, limitations, motivations etc. You will be able to develop a stronger sense of self. And when you have a stronger sense of self you can then more easily accept yourself rather than punish yourself. Also, you then can more easily decipher what it is you want out of life, your goals and pinpoint what makes you happy or unhappy.

Be the best friend for yourself that you would want someone to be for you. Rather than beating yourself up over a mistake, learn from it and move on. Praise yourself for your accomplishments. Realize your accomplishments are worth the same value despite whether you get praise from other people.

Learn to have fun alone and enjoy your own company. I know this one can be hard for some, but constantly thinking that we need someone else’s company to have fun is holding us back. When you can go out and enjoy an activity on your own, you just deepen yourself.

"The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be,” Oprah Winfrey.

Don’t focus on the negative things about yourself when there are so many positive unique things about yourself that are amazing and you should realize that. Being your own best friend will help you develop into your true, best self.

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