It's officially getting closer to summer, and I can not wait! I am so not a winter person and I can't wait to be able to walk outside without a jacket, feel the warmth on my skin, and chill by the pool.

The warmer weather isn't the only reason why summer is the best, but there's just something about summer that makes you feel so carefree and content with life. Here are the reasons why summer is most definitely the superior season!

1. Lake trips

Ever since I was little my family has been going to the lake, and it's one of my absolute favorite things about summer. I get to spend quality time with my family while soaking up some sun and relaxing.

2. Outdoor concerts

Whats better than seeing your favorite artists in concert? Seeing them in concert OUTSIDE! I personally love outdoor venues and I think it takes the concert experience to another level.

3. Hammocking

There is nothing more relaxing than hanging out in a hammock on a nice day with a cold drink and a great book! It's the perfect way to destress or take part in a little self care.

4. Cookouts

Food..... yes sis. I'm all about the food and just thinking about all of the bbq's I am going to get to go to this summer gets me so excited.

5. Music festivals 

What's better than an outdoor concert like we talked about above? An outdoor festival! Music festival to me just screams summer. They are so fun, have the perfect summer aesthetic, and you get to see so many talented performers!

6. Pool time

My doctor told me I'm low on Vitamin D so... I definitely need to make use of my pool time and get some sun! Going to the pool is just a fun, laid back thing to do with your friends at any time in the summer.

7. Ice cream dates

Of course we all eat ice cream year round, who doesn't, but it's way more fun when you can take your ice cream and go on a walk, sit at the park, or just in your car with the windows down and have one of those good ole parked car convos with your best friend.

8. Happy hours

Happy hours are always fun, yes, but something about being able to sit on the patio and sip on a margarita with your favorite people, after a long week at work, makes it so much better.

If you couldn't tell, I am super excited for summer and can't wait to do all the fun things I've been waiting to do! As good as it is though, it always flies by so quickly, so enjoy it while you can and take some time to relax and have FUN!