Every morning when I roll out of bed I go through the normal motions of getting ready for class: dragging everything out of my closet to find the right pair of leggings, shoving some sort of breakfast down and frantically getting my books together. (You know, the usual things people do when getting up mere minutes before class starts.)

The only problem is: I also have to allow about five minutes to draw on my eyebrows. Every morning I get more and more frustrated. I waste precious time sleeping in trying to get some sort of semblance of eyebrows on my face before I leave for class. This got me thinking. Why obsess over eyebrows? I mean, just this morning I skipped drawing them on to really test what would happen if I didn't wear them. Hell didn't freeze over, and no one screamed in horror when I walked into class. No one even gave me a second look. Why do I even bother putting them on every day?

This also begs the question: why is everyone so obsessed with eyebrows at the moment? Right now, it’s so "in" to have big, bushy eyebrows. Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and many more have great natural and thick brows that everyone is trying to copy. I have watched many videos of people getting eyebrows tattooed on or even getting tiny stick-on eyebrows instead. However, that just seems bizarre. I mean, just about ten years ago your eyebrows could be thin and kind of sparse but be considered in style.

Eyebrows are such a weird concept. Why should they determine how good you think you look? I hadn't even thought about drawing mine in until senior year of high school. Up until that point, I still had friends and was told I looked fine with my blonde, barely there brows.

Even though having your eyebrows be on ~fleek~ is the new trend, make your own brow choices. Everyone should have the right to feel comfortable in their own little eyebrow hairs. Just remember: size doesn’t matter—it only matters how you work them.