Brow Down B*tches: Why You Are So Obsessed With Eyebrows

Brow Down B*tches: Why You Are So Obsessed With Eyebrows

Just remember: size doesn’t matter—it only matters how you work them.

Every morning when I roll out of bed I go through the normal motions of getting ready for class: dragging everything out of my closet to find the right pair of leggings, shoving some sort of breakfast down and frantically getting my books together. (You know, the usual things people do when getting up mere minutes before class starts.)

The only problem is: I also have to allow about five minutes to draw on my eyebrows. Every morning I get more and more frustrated. I waste precious time sleeping in trying to get some sort of semblance of eyebrows on my face before I leave for class. This got me thinking. Why obsess over eyebrows? I mean, just this morning I skipped drawing them on to really test what would happen if I didn't wear them. Hell didn't freeze over, and no one screamed in horror when I walked into class. No one even gave me a second look. Why do I even bother putting them on every day?

This also begs the question: why is everyone so obsessed with eyebrows at the moment? Right now, it’s so "in" to have big, bushy eyebrows. Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and many more have great natural and thick brows that everyone is trying to copy. I have watched many videos of people getting eyebrows tattooed on or even getting tiny stick-on eyebrows instead. However, that just seems bizarre. I mean, just about ten years ago your eyebrows could be thin and kind of sparse but be considered in style.

Eyebrows are such a weird concept. Why should they determine how good you think you look? I hadn't even thought about drawing mine in until senior year of high school. Up until that point, I still had friends and was told I looked fine with my blonde, barely there brows.

Even though having your eyebrows be on ~fleek~ is the new trend, make your own brow choices. Everyone should have the right to feel comfortable in their own little eyebrow hairs. Just remember: size doesn’t matter—it only matters how you work them.

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Dyeing Your Hair Gives You Superpowers In The Form Of Confidence

If you're debating it, take the leap. You won't regret it.

Yes, I've had one of those "It's not a phase, mom" phases. It happens to the best of us, right? Right. At least, that's what I tell myself. As I was going through my different phases, one of my favorite ways to express myself was through dyeing my hair.

Even though I'm originally an extremely dark brunette, few people knew that for years because I went from being brunette to blonde, to red (that was the phase), back to blonde and, now, I'm finally back to brunette after about 4 years of confusing the masses. Whether it was from doing ombré, baylage, higlgihts or lowlights, my hair has been one of my favorite ways to express myself.

I started dyeing my hair when I was in 8th grade. It was a littleee extreme, but I don't regret it for a second. When dyeing your hair, you live for the moments people do a double take in the hall or ask you what's different about your look. Those moments give you an instant confidence boost because there's suddenly an air of mystery about you. Or, even if there isn't, you think that there is and that's all that really matters.

By dyeing my hair, I've been able to test out different looks while knowing that nothing will ever be permanent because, well, hair will continue to grow. Even if you don't love a look at first, it grows on you after a while. And, even if it doesn't, then you can get even more excited planning the next color or shade or trend you've been stalking on Pinterest. (Yes, I have a "Hair" Pinterest board, who doesn't?)

Looking through stylists' or celebrites' Instagrams to find that next perfect look can turn into an all day affair and is one of the best distractions from that annoying theology paper you have due next week. Daring yourself to be bold not only affects how others see you, but how you see yourself.

Even making the smallest change to your hair means you had the confidence to take a chance and push your boundaries. If you've ever asked yourself, "I wonder what I would look like as a (blank)," you know what I'm talking about. By being able to make the decision to dye your hair, you're proving to yourself that you have the ability to try something new without knowing every little reprecussion.

Confidence is a superpower. It can make you happier and let you live your life by your own set of rules. But, like all good things in life, it's hard to come by sometimes. Dyeing your hair has made me feel like a new person to such an extent that it's given me the confidence to laugh a little louder and speak up a little louder. And that's all you can ask for sometimes.

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5 Great Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

My nails HAVE to look good whether natural or polished, so I use some of these tips to keep them this way.

Nails, for some, are the bane of existence. One cannot live their life happily if their nails are not up to par.

This is why it is really important to keep your natural nails healthy in order for your mind to be at ease with your lovely nails. A lot of people do not understand how to properly care and maintain their fingernails, which can lead to a lot of nails breaking and some cringe-worthy nails overall.

Here are five great ways to keep your nails healthy.

1. Use nail oil daily.

Nail oil helps to keep your nails beautiful, moist, and flexible during day-to-day activities. It helps to keep your nails from breaking and it keeps them from drying out.

Make sure to use nail oils that specifically list jojoba oil as one of the first three ingredients, as this is the best type of oil for your nails' health.

2. NEVER buff your nails.

Buffing your nails leads to the decreasing of the layers of your nails. This means that your nails will be more vulnerable and more likely to break and bend during simplistic activities.

It is safer to avoid any type of buffer in any form. If you do not buff your nails, they will be able to grow and become stronger naturally. Buffing is never necessary, no matter what nail companies try to sell to you.

3. File only one way.

Filing your nails from side to side or on top of the nail itself can actually lead to your nails breaking and becoming weak. This is something every nail lover wants to avoid every day.

Make sure to file in one direction across the bottom of your nail if you need to make them shorter, as it keeps your nails healthier than going from side to side or reverting to using a nail clipper, which will snap your nail.

4. Don't bite your nails.

Of course, don’t succumb to the urge of biting your nails because it leads to your nails being weak, breaking, and becoming ugly overall.

Biting your nails can be avoided in several ways, such as using nail polish with a foul taste, keeping your nails – and your hands for the matter – too busy to bite, and through finding another means to fulfill your biting needs.

5. Keep your nails short enough.

Keeping your nails short enough for whichever lifestyle you are a part of can help keep your nails longlasting and healthy. If your nails are far too long for your work life and daily life, then they will be more prone to break and be weaker.

If you do not have a life where you need to use your hands roughly or a lot each day, then long nails could be the best choice for you if you prefer.

Hopefully, these nail care tips will keep the world’s nails healthy and beautiful so no one has to stress about their nail care. Of course, these tips are only a few of the hundreds of ways for people who love and care about their natural nails to keep them healthy.

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