Why Is "Crazy" Considered "Crazy?"
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Why Is "Crazy" Considered "Crazy?"

Why do we as a society judge people for the things that make them different, but not applaud them for the aspects that make them the same?

Why Is "Crazy" Considered "Crazy?"
University of Wisconsin- Madison

There is a common understanding in society that if you do something in an unordinary way, or not in the way society prescribes, you are considered "crazy." From not conforming to the common way people dress to dying your hair an obscure color to having a weird hobby that is not outwardly portrayed, people are judged for the things that make them different... but are not applauded for the aspects that make them the same. Do you see the dilemma we have created?

Think about it. What makes you different is what makes you stand out. This pertains to a job interview, a sports competition, or if you are out having fun with friends. These societal proclaimed "obscurities" do not have to be physical attributes, but those internal as well. For example, more often than not I prefer a quiet night in with friends and family, drinking tea, doing a puzzle, and watching a movie versus going out with friends. Despite the fact for my age this may not seem like the norm, I embrace it fully, as it is what I prefer doing. You should never apologize for what you desire in that moment, because at that point in time, it is exactly what you wanted. You do you, boo.

If you skim through history, those who made a massive difference and create a legacy are not people who sat back and conformed: they are the ones who peacefully disobeyed societies portrayal of "normal." They had the confidence to make this decision and if the confidence factor was absent, they were firm enough in their viewpoint to take a leap of faith and believe it would work out. These non-conformists had patience and you better believe they did not have the approval of everyone around them. Thus, making them significant in that capacity.

Our society is backwards. We shy away from people who disrupt what is normal while built upon dreamers who were considered obscure for their time. All of which is defined by the very people who both disrupt and conform. Next time you find yourself thinking something is crazy, step back for a minute and realize it may not be crazy, it may be beautiful.

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