6 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump
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6 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

And it's not for his charming words and boyish good looks.

6 Reasons Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump
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Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for the President of the United States of America because he's going to "Make America Great Again." Of course, he has a well-thought-out plan and treats everyone with equal respect. Women, Mexicans, Muslims, the LGBT community, and African Americans are among the few groups of people that he treats with the utmost respect.

I want to share with you all the reasons that Donald Trump will be a wonderful president.

Here goes:

1. He treats women with an amazing amount of dignity.

Trump has a long record of saying controversial things about women. He has showed the world how much he disrespects and dishonors women, and he shows that women are nothing more than just sex objects and personal slaves. He also doesn't value women for birthing children and disregards a woman's personal space. In an interview with Trump about Carolyn Kepcher's maternity leave, he states "Pregnancy is never—it’s a wonderful thing for the woman. It's a wonderful thing for the husband. It's certainly an inconvenience for a business." He sure knows to use his words!

2. He's a perfect business man.

While some may look at Trump's bankruptcies as "smart business moves", don't be fooled by his arrogant confidence and false statements. In 1990, when Trump's casino called Trump Taj Mahal opened, he encouraged all his employees to invest all of their retirement savings into the company stock. When he filed bankruptcy on the casino, more than 400 people lost over $2 million in retirement savings. So, while filing bankruptcy was a great move for Trump, it ruined the futures of most of his employees. Doesn't he sound like he's going to take great care of the American people?

3. He's going to build a wall.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants from entering our country. He mine as well be proposing to build a wall between all the different types of American citizens. According to pewresearch.org, the number of illegal immigrants in the US has stayed relatively the same since 2009. The peak year of illegal immigration was in 2007 when they made up about 4% of the population. Since then, they make up about 3% of the population. Mexican immigrants only make up 52% of the total number of illegal immigrants in the country- the other half are from countries such as Canada, overseas, and South America. So what we can learn from this is: illegal Mexican immigrants only make up about 1.5% of the population in the US, so how are they "stealing all our jobs" and "spiking our crime rates" if the ratio of American citizens to Mexican illegals is 99 to 1?

4. He moves people with his words.

All the preposterous talk of a "wall" and deporting immigrants has brought out the worst of the worst kinds of people. All the racist people in the country that have been sitting in their small communities and homes have been just waiting for their moment. Trump has pushed us back about 70 years in history with the way his supporters think and how they respond to his speeches. I recall one video about a man who was part of an organization called the "Free Hugs Movement" and he went to many presidential candidates campaign speeches. At the Trump rally, though, he had a negative experience with people throwing things at him, cursing, and telling him to leave. One lady was chanting, "Black is good, black is good- white is better, white is better!" His campaign has brought out the true colors of this country, hasn't it?

5. He would never lie to the American people.

Donald Trump has made many claims that he simply cannot back up with proof or facts. He's only a true leader with the fact that he tells the people what they want to hear. He has no political experience- let alone life experience. Simply, he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about and he's constantly- and I mean, CONSTANTLY contradicting himself. All he knows is his precious wall and doesn't even have a plan for how that will follow through either. I would definitely (not) put all my trust in him as President of the United States.

6. He's understands the struggles of the American worker, like you and me.

In the early years of his life, Trump went to a New York Military private school where his parents wanted to teach him top notch education and discipline. Because of where he went to college, and who he was, he managed to avoid the Vietnam War draft twice. He worked for his father's company until he finally joined the company officially and years later, his father turned the company over to Donald. So, Trump basically did nothing to get the company in the first place-and he didn't start his company from the ground up. He was given a thriving company in the first place and then expanded it. Trump has also been accused by the US government of discriminating against employees over the years and quite a few times at that. Each time he was cleared with a small slap on the wrist. He's sure been through a lot of ups and downs in his life, hasn't he? Reminds me of when I was given a small loan of a million dollars, my father's multi-million dollar company, and free reign to do whatever I wanted without consequences...

Please, if you read this all the way to this point in the article, listen closely.

I beg of you- do not vote for this arrogant, prejudice, and incompetent man... don't.

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