College is a fresh start. I have heard several times that "high school is the best four years of your life" and I've heard that "college is the best four years of your life." I did not hate high school- in fact I was pretty happy during my four years. I was happy, I was involved, I had friends.

But I am, with a doubt, happier now in college than I was in high school.

Like I said, college is a fresh start. I am currently a freshman in my second semester. I came to my school with one other person from my graduating class. A couple people who graduated a year or two before me knew me, but for the most part most people did not know who I was, where I came from, what I did in high school, or what my reputation was back home. Even though I was liked in high school and did not have a bad reputation, there is something incredibly refreshing about moving from a small town where everyone knows your business to a large college where nobody even knows your name. It's easier to tell who from home is a true friend, and who I only hung out with because I saw them five days a week.

Not only have I met a lot of people, I have met a variety of types of people. I have more friends and, for the most part, I see the people I want to see rather than the people I have to. The dating pool is significantly larger, which is definitely a plus.

Being away from home, I appreciate my family more. I have always gotten along with my parents, but getting a phone call from my parents in high school meant I was out past curfew or they needed me to do something. Now I look forward to phone calls and get excited all week for a weekend visit.

I also appreciate my home town more. I live in a two stoplight town called Etowah outside of Asheville, North Carolina. I love telling people about where I am from. Every time I come home I look forward to revisiting my favorite coffee shops and restaurants and even trying new places.

I feel as though I have significantly bettered myself as a person since enrolling in college. I love the freedom and independence of college. I take more classes that interest me, at times that work for me (even if college is 10 times more work than high school.) I have learned so much in less than a year. I love how I get so much exercise walking all around campus and how gyms are so much more accessible to me. Football games are five times as fun and I always have something to do, whether it's game night with my sorority sisters or video game tournaments with my floor.

I have become more extroverted since coming to college. In high school I was not shy, but starting a conversation with a stranger would have terrified me. Now I can talk to the girl sitting next to me on the bus, the guy behind me in English class, or some random lady behind me in the McAllister's line. I have become more adventurous and now get so much more excited to try new things.

So if you are in high school, stop sweating the small stuff. In a couple years it won't matter anymore. Enjoy high school while you have it, and get ready for the four rollercoaster years after graduation.